The Government once again leaves the investment in the Valencian Community below its population weight




The Valencian Community it will once again remain below its population weight when it comes to receiving investments from the State. The Budget project for 2022 that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has presented this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies awards 1,208 million euros to the region, as detailed in the Economic and Financial Report, and will again breach article 52 of its Statute of Autonomy.

Despite being the third autonomous region with the highest economic allocation and increasing the total figure with respect to public accounts this year (1,165), the three provinces remain with the 9.3% of territorial investment, although Valencians represent 10.6% of the population residing in Spain. A small setback if one takes into account that by 2021 this remuneration was increased to 9.5%.

The distribution is led by Catalonia (2,430 million euros, 17.2%) and Andalusia (2,267, 17.4%). Madrid is immediately below the Valencian Community, with 1,151 million and a percentage of 8.9%, and it ranks as one of the companies with the greatest decrease in investment compared to the General State Budgets this year (10.2), while the vast majority of autonomies improve their position due to the increase in the amount that is expected to be granted.

On the other hand, the Valencian Community will receive 52.8 million euros -12.4% of the total and 0.1% less than in the previous accounts- from Interterritorial Compensation Fund which is granted to the ten regions and two autonomous cities with an income per inhabitant lower than the national average.

As an example, in cultural matters the Government has reserved a game of one million euros for the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia, thus increasing your investment this year (895,000). The same occurs with the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), which goes from receiving 261,000 to having a budget of 400,000 euros. However, in both cases they lag far behind the twelve million that the Royal Theater of Madrid will receive or the two that will go to the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

The Generalitat, satisfied with the accounts

The Minister of Finance, Vicent Soler, has shown his “satisfaction” with the distribution made by the Socialist Government, which has once again included historical claims such as 38 million for the Valencia metropolitan transport or the 12 with which the Navy’s debt will be settled.

To these amounts we must add other An additional 300 million which will be received through two agreements for the implementation of innovative mobility policies and for the development of sustainable infrastructures.

In this sense, Soler recalled that “in Cristóbal Montoro’s last budget, 792 million euros were allocated to the Valencian Community between direct investments and the FCI, so that in just two years the endowment has been increased by 102%, more than double.

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