the hell that led Frank Cuesta to leave television




Always controversial, he has ended up protecting his hard life by jumping from controversy to controversy. He has had no choice. The passage on television of Frank Cuesta, well known for his fierce defense of animals in shows like “Jungle Frank” or “Wild Frank”, put him on the map, but he has not hesitated to turn his back on his trampoline, which more than once has referred to as “the most hypocritical thing in the world.”

The comings and goings in Frank Cuesta’s television career have been a constant, that’s why his abandonment of the cathodic medium to become youtuber hardly anyone was surprised. The adventurer excused himself in the need to reinvent himself, but also in his family; then his ex-wife Yuyee was about to get out of prison.

It was last week that the Thai woman was released, after a six-year hell to which was convicted of possession of cocaine. The adventurer never doubted the innocence of his then partner, and assured that it could be a “hunt”, since both were uncomfortable characters in Thailand, known for their fight against the trafficking of animals so widespread in the country. Since then, Cuesta has not stopped visiting her with her children while continuing to denounce her difficult situation. It has been six years of struggle, of appeals to the Thai courts that seemed doomed to failure.

Frank was not expecting the issue of his separation from Yuyee to come to light, as his children “got along” because they all continue to treat each other “as a united family.” Furthermore, he claims that the whole matter of his divorce has come to light because «They set out to crush my family and they have succeeded so far… but as I tell you, I won’t stop or stop because Yuyee is the mother of my children and is unjustly imprisoned ».

It was on his YouTube channel that Frank Cuesta spoke of the relief he felt after seeing Yuyee released: «Yuyee is now free and is with her children. I can only say thank you to everyone who has supported us. This has been achieved based on being very heavy and being there every day without losing hope or the desire to see justice done. The triumph is for her and our children.

The herpetologist did not end well with Mediaset, who catapulted him to fame with the success of his “Frank from the jungle.” Nor am I going to say that he was mean to me. I just had the opportunity to go to a place where they could see me in 140 countries and thus reach more people. (…) In Mediaset there is some whore and that’s why, from time to time, they begin to say that this is false. It’s crazy, one day they say that what I do is false, but they have been putting it on three channels for ten years, ”Cuesta communicated.

Last year, Frank Cuesta published some images that raised the suspicions of his followers, since he was hairless. The adventurer, who suffered from cancer in the past, he claimed that he had ‘been sick for a while. “Because of the medicine they gave me, because your hair falls out all over your body,” he said.

Always controversial, the adventurer has made numerous headlines over the years. What if “hunting is necessary”, what if controversial attacks on Greta Thunberg –«You will see this bug where there is pasta“- or the suspicions that have fallen on him, whom they accuse of deceiving in their adventures, after programs like” Everything is a lie “and” Four a day “tried to dismantle his experiences with animals.

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