The High Inspection will act before the campaign of harassment to the students so that they speak Catalan in the patios




The High Inspection of Education in Catalonia takes note and advances that it will undertake “the pertinent proceedings” in the face of the new campaign to harass students to use Catalan outside the classroom, promoted by the Platform for the Language, a controversial entity for carrying out studies of incognito linguistic uses in courtyards.

In a response to the Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB), the entity that denounced the events, the state inspection body thanks you for the information on the campaign, which ABC advanced yesterday, and announces that it will “carry out the pertinent procedures” in this regard. “It is a hopeful response,” he says. Ana Losada, president of the association in statements to this newspaper.

The AEB notified the state entity that, coinciding with the start of the new school year and under the slogan of “No t’excusis” (“Do not excuse yourself”), the Platform for the Language has promoted an offensive in the networks with the aim of reinforcing the social use of the autonomous language among students.

The campaign is promoted with banners in some schools. Yesterday, the first day of classes, in some institutes like the Jaume Huguet de Valls (in the image) the students came across a large banner at the entrance to the school campus that read: «In the courtyards of the Valls public institutes only 40 percent of the conversations are in Catalan. Are you sure we have a school in Catalan?».

At the bottom of the canvas appeared the reference of the web page where you can support the aforementioned campaign (, which has the seal of the Plataforma per la Llengua –when you register it indicates that your data will be managed by the entity– and has been promoted on its Twitter account by the Union of Students of the Catalan Countries (Sepc).

«Almost forty years after the linguistic immersion model began to be applied in Catalan public schools, children and young people in Catalonia are increasingly interacting in Spanish, both inside and outside the educational centers: the corridors, the courtyard, the street, the internet … », indicates the campaign in the introductory text.

He adds that, “although immersion has been able to guarantee a basic knowledge of Catalan, it has not succeeded in getting the language through the classroom door in a generalized way.” Faced with this situation, the promoters ask “Awareness, commitment and action” and they urge participation. “The future of Catalan needs you!”

The AEB has criticized on the networks this new offensive by the defenders of immersion in Catalan. “We will not allow you to harass students in the courtyard to make them speak Catalan. We will report any campaign that attempts to pressure students. Leave the children alone!», Condemns the entity

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