The hospitality industry demands flexibility in the face of the crisis in the sector




The Navarra Association of Small Hospitality Business (ANAPEH) considers that “de-escalation falls short” with the latest easing measures agreed by the Government of Navarra for the sector and calls for more measures and soon.

In the opinion of ANAPEH the pandemic data allow steps to be taken to “return to a situation of certain normality, measures in accordance with the current moment”, such as recovering normal hours, consumption at the bar, reducing or eliminating distances between tables and opening from the dance floors.

And in this regard, he points out that the measures adopted so far “represent a relief” but “continue to leave many hospitality companies in a difficult situation when 85% of the population is already vaccinated with the full schedule and the number of infections is reduced to 100%. minimal expression ”.

Compensation to a damaged sector

For ANAPEH “There are still many steps to take” also in nightlife “until this sector can reopen in conditions that allow its profitability”, and adds that, if the hotel industry is the sector most affected by the pandemic, nightlife “He is the worst unemployed among the worst unemployed” after “almost two years without being able to open with minimal conditions.”

After underlining that the authorized capacity is still 60% and they must close at 04:30 and not at 06:00 as was their usual schedule, he adds in terms of the required conditions that “a nightclub is not a tea room nor a cafeteria, so their customers demand different things than having a drink sitting in a chair “.

For this reason, they insist that the restrictions must be accompanied by “compensation for expropriated work to achieve a higher good: the health of society”, and for this reason they criticize that “these compensations still do not arrive” when, in the case of nightlife, the business and personal situation “borders on despair.”

In this sense, he assures that the aid lines “have not covered in most cases the losses caused” in the hotel and nightlife industry, the percentage is reduced “to scandalous numbers”, and the third line of planned aid “may arriving late, with stores on the brink of closure “when before the pandemic they were” profitable, solvent and with good prospects for the future. “

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