the hotel industry asks for four non-cohabitants in the first phase of the de-escalation




All eyes are on this Tuesday at the meeting of the clinical committee of health experts that advises the Xunta, and that will definitively close the plan for the de-escalation in Galicia in the face of the second wave of Covid in a meeting that is expected to be long and intense. With the end of the term of the hard restrictions of the “Carballiño model” just around the corner (December 4), the Sanhedrin of experts will finish off that plan that will be executed “in phases”, as reiterated this Tuesday by the first vice president, Alfonso Wheel; and will have on the table, as a prominent chapter, the reactivation of the hotel industry. With a request from the sector: allow up to four people not living together already in the first stage of reopening, as revealed by Rueda himself.

The Xunta transferred to the sector this Monday that when its reactivation is implemented it will be done gradually, with four scenarios prior to recovering normality, which would be the following, successively, if approved by the clinical committee: 30% capacity indoors and 50% outdoors, until 5:00 pm; same capacity until 11 pm and maximum of six people not living together; 50% indoors and 75% outdoors and close at 23; without capacity restrictions but with limited hours.

The hoteliers formulate a request that it would somewhat shorten those deadlines. Rueda limited himself to commenting that the Regional Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, was present when that request was transferred, and that in turn he will present it to the clinical committee, which will be the one that will have to determine if he sees it as “possible” to apply it.

Rueda recalled that the objective of the de-escalation, with its different phases, is «gradually adjust it to the health situation, as it improves»The incidence of the coronavirus and its effects on healthcare pressure, in such a way that capacity would progressively increase. The commitment of the Xunta, aware that the hospitality industry has been the great pagan of harsh restrictions, hence the aid for an amount of 18 million euros, was to address its reactivation when the epidemiological situation improved, something that is estimated to be already it has happened, “with great caution.” “It was time, in December, to start talking about a possible de-escalation by zones.”

This, the number two of the Xunta wanted to underline, will be «gradual, little by little», because «we can’t take steps back“, But to go” always forward “, knowing that” there is still a long way to go “to reach the goal of” reaching the normality that we had before. ”

Without going into details, Rueda confirmed that in those areas where the data are “better” in a marked way “let’s start there” with the de-escalation “in the coming days”, without specifying deadlines. Unknowns that this Tuesday must be in charge of tackling the clinical committee.

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