“The image that a restaurant is a place where you are going to get infected does not help us”




Alberto Chicote (Madrid, 1969) can be a nightmare in the kitchen (television), but he is highly educated in short distances, that is, the telephone. He knows the promotion – if he does not have an answer, he recognizes it and apologizes – and even the name of the interlocutor, who repeats it several times during the conversation with ABC. “All in order? How about the family? Everybody okay? […] At the moment, we are all at war; we are still here », asks and answers the chef, who returns tonight (22.30) to The sixth with the third season of “Are you going to eat it?”, a program produced by Quartz (“The island of temptations”) in which they denounce negligence in the food sector. The first two deliveries, already available in Atresplayer Premium, will address the success (and fraud …) of the “eco” and bread.

Chicote continues to wage war (television) and Atresmedia is already a family; this 2020, for the fifth time in a row, he will say goodbye to Cristina Pedroche in Antenna 3. «They told me long ago; these things are usually kept a little secret until the chain decides to make it public, “he says. For the one Carabanchel (Madrid), which has also produced the grapes at La Sexta, is a very special moment that he enjoys “a lot”, although this year will be “somewhat more complicated.”

“On December 31 we will be waiting for this parenthesis, which opened on March 13, to close as soon as possible and that 2021 will bring us many joys. It will not be a broadcast to use because it will be very present this year that we have lived and that, unfortunately, thousands of people will not share it with us. But optimism will be very present; that sooner rather than later we can recover lives as we had them, which we already liked ».

Pedroche and Chicote will share a building with Mother Igartiburu Y Ana Obregon, those chosen by Spanish Television for grapes. «It is a day in which the cordiality among all is fantastic; we have a drink, we chat… Well this year it will be with Ana, fantastic! We do not know eachother. I will take this opportunity to give you a hug …. No! Of the hug, no! I’ll get the idea of ​​a virtual hug … far away ».

Consumption interests people a lot
Alberto Chicote , Host of “Are you going to eat it?”

The new six installments of “Are you going to eat it?” they were recorded prior to confinement. “Until just before,” Chicote qualifies. In fact, this third season was going to have two more that were left half; one of them, about a supposed slimming coffee. «We’ll see if we resume the scheduled programs or new recordings, which I hope we do, because consumption interests people a lot». He sometimes proposes a theme: «But then there is no way to build a program around it and other times, the theme is not as much as it seems to one. In the end, we always try to coordinate the two ways of seeing it.

What always happens to Chicote in “Are you going to eat it?” Is to talk. «It is not an ordinary interview, as other colleagues of mine could do, but I do have conversations with each other; some, more relaxed and others, less. There are times when it’s time to go find those most responsible for what is happening. The interviewees now already think twice to show their face: «In the first [temporada] It was “well, let’s talk to Chicote, who is a cook.” Then some were surprised when he put the papers on the table and said “Chicote is more focused than I thought.” After two broadcast seasons, they already know that you come from a complaints program and that they have to explain things as they are.

Eighth nightmare in the kitchen

The intention, before the pandemic, was to join the end of filming of “Are you going to eat it?” with the beginning of the eighth season (“which is said soon”) of “Nightmare in the kitchen”, which Chicote has been presenting since 2012. “We already had the team formed and even the restaurants were already decided,” he adds. The program will be recorded “where possible”.

But the years go by and there are still restaurant owners who, after participating, accuse him of setting up. “Many times, when people watch the program, they think that the only way to avoid their responsibilities is to blame someone else. It happens very often in all areas of our lives and here exactly the same thing happens, “he says.

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