The image that shows the good harmony of Ana Soria’s family with Enrique Ponce



Since their courtship came to light, there have been many occasions in which magazines and programs of the heart have speculated about a possible crisis in the romantic relationship ofAna Soria, a young 22-year-old law student, and the 49-year-old Valencian bullfighter, Enrique Ponce. But it seems that in the end all are simple rumors and the couple comes out stronger and stronger.

To the surprise of all his followers, the right-hander has published an image on his Instagram profile in which he appears in an attitude of complicity with his future father-in-law, Federico Soria, toasting with two glasses of Machaquito: the anise of bullfighting.

Enrique Ponce with Ana Soria's father, Federico Soria
Enrique Ponce with Ana Soria’s father, Federico Soria – Instagram

With this photograph, Ponce confirms the good relationship that exists between him and his already in-laws. A clear example of the approval by the Soria. And it is that his father has not been the only one to accept the right-hander in his family. The young woman’s aunt, who is also called Ana, declared last August to the Gtres agency that, despite not having had the opportunity to meet the bullfighter personally, she was “happy” to see her niece “happy” and “in love”: “I don’t have the taste of know how it is, or meet him in person. They have not introduced me, nor have they told me, nor have I seen it, or anything. I don’t know if he’s a good person because I don’t have the pleasure of meeting him, but come on, If my niece marries him, he is supposed to be a good person. What do I tell you.

It is now a reality that the 49-year-old right-hander is more than welcome in the home of his in-laws. This relationship with his “future” father-in-law would not be the first since it seems that the bullfighter has a special ability to “win over” the parents of his partners because the image published on the social network recalls the good relationship he had with his ” first »father-in-law, Victorian Caves, father of his ex-partner and still wife, Paloma Cuevas (48 years).

An attic far from reality

Once the summer was over and only five months after having consolidated their relationship, the couple decided to move to Almería and share a home together. According to the Mediaset program «Socialite», Ponce rented in the Andalusian city an attic of one hundred square meters with 3,330 meters of urbanization: swimming pool with waterfall, a spa, a paddle tennis court, and a gym.

With all kinds of amenities included, as stated in the aforementioned television space, the right-hander and his girlfriend would be paying about 800 euros per month for the house and, in the event that in the future the couple decided to buy the property, it would cost them about 250 thousand euros.

“My decision to divorce Enrique is firm”

Beyond the plans of Enrique Ponce and his girlfriend, Ana Soria. His ex-partner, Paloma Cuevas, has decided to take the step after their breakup: “My decision to divorce Enrique is firm,” the former bullfighter’s wife confessed to the magazine “Hello!”.

With two daughters in common, Bianca 8 years old, and Paloma, 12, marriage Ponce Cuevas that was once framed on the covers as one of the most solid and admirable after 25 years of relationship, It has officially been separated for three months and each of its protagonists lives as a single.

Regardless of the Valencian bullfighter’s decision to sign the divorce or not in the not too distant future, Cuevas has a personal heritage with a lot of weight: Graduated in Business Administration, she has carried all her investments in the last 23 years of marriage, many of which are also those of her father, Victorian Caves.

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