The importance of discovering the real size of the foot



A matter of comfort. And health. A correct shoe fit You need at least the instep length, width and height measurements. However, in current last and sizing systems, the standardization of the process has meant that more than 60% of users are forced to wear footwear that is not their size. This inevitably affects the comfort of the foot and can generate joint problems in the medium term. Bad steps that can be avoided.

3D measurement for a correct design
3D measurement for a correct design

Glent Perfect Fit, the software developed in-house by Glent Shoes, facilitates the exact size of the foot, as well as several personalized recommendations in relation to leather, sole, lining and type of manufacture that best suits the customer’s habits and lifestyle.

A personalized in-store interview allows you to work with variables such as the frequency of use of footwear, the daily time spent walking, the usual discomfort in specific areas of the foot, the style of climate in the place of residence, allergies and even podiatric information such as the use of insole in usual footwear. These data and a 3D measurement supervised by podiatrists They precede a design tailored to the user (the name or other messages can even be engraved inside).

A made-to-measure footwear favors the correct functioning of the whole body
Technology to assist in the design and customization of footwear
Technology to assist in the design and customization of footwear

A whole job that, in addition, is sent to the client by email so that they can have it whenever they want. A comprehensive service in which, as highlighted Carlos Baranda placeholder image, founder partner and CEO of the company, technology and elegance fit perfectly:

“With the technology support advanced we are able to create elegant, personalized footwear with a unique fitting experience that favors total comfort from day one. There is always a Glent for every type of foot. With Glent Perfect Fit we will facilitate the possibility of customize every detail to our customers while enjoying an exclusive shopping experience. “

A new service that has become a mark of distinction in the sector, an unmatched user experience that fills a void not occupied by industrial brands. As they stand out from the company: “A made-to-measure footwear favors the correct functioning of the whole body”.

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