The important role of Carlos de Inglaterra in the world of fashion

Charles of England, the Prince of Wales, has turned 72 years old. It is not by chance therefore that it was just a few hours before when Netflix premiered the fourth season of ‘The Crown’, the series that analyzes the contemporary history of the British crown with the figure of its mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as the central axis of a plot in which his person is played from the third season by the great British actor Josh O’Connor -you will also know him from the series ‘Los Durrell’ or the movie ‘Tierra de Dios’.

The passage of time has made our country look at in a different way, more distant and less passionate, the figure of the heir to Buckingham Palace, very marked by his marriage to Lady Di and everything he gave to talk about in the chronicle However, on very few occasions has the figure of the Duke of Cornwall been approached from our country through the prism of his link with fashion and its history, where it is an absolute reference of the second half of the 20th century and, although to a lesser extent, of the beginning of the 21st century.

A very personal style

It was not easy for him to achieve it because the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh had to deal behind his back with the inheritance of King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor and also of Wales among other noble titles, and avant-garde figure in men’s fashion in the first half of the 20th century. Among other details, her wardrobe and her unmistakable style left a legacy for posterity: the Prince of Wales print.

The weight of a figure like this for Carlos of England, seen over the years, served more as an inspiration to shape and consolidate his own personal style, than as pressure. You could have chosen a very different profile than the one you chose, as brave as his great-uncle, but he did not, and thanks to his personality when dressing, the history of fashion keeps him a privileged place in his books.

In the same way that the plaid suits of Edward VIII are the most marked mark of his dressing room, in the case of Carlos of England we could also point out his exquisite taste for tailoring as the first weighty argument to defend the thesis that we present in this Article. There will be those who think that they have not risked so much in this sense, but that nobody forgets that he, and only he, wore impossible mix of patterns and colors when it was an affront not to match every element of the look. Nowadays if you don’t do this, you are out of the trend wave, but there is a precursor, and it is not David Beckham or any other icon of this century, but the current Prince of Wales who was far ahead of his time in a matter of style.

Star garments

Beyond the suits, and the pristine use of tweed, the quintessential British fabric, we can point out three specific garments that no one has ever worn like Carlos of England. The first, polo shirt, his second skin in his youth, back in the 70’s. Probably nothing better suited him in his life, and no one will ever have worn a sports-origin shirt like these from Rowing Blazers, which is already taking time to get one capsule collection with all those that Prince Charles wore at some point in his life. Hopefully they will warm up their engines and even if they do it for their 75th anniversary; Overall, if we’ve waited that long, we can do it for three more years as long as it gets released. It is enough to admire the gallery of photos with which the British label congratulated the heir to the British throne on his birthday to understand our position on the matter.

The second garment that has marked the life of the Prince of Wales is the Barbour coat. Elegant despite its link with life in the country, it has long ceased to be a trend – it became so even among teenagers a couple of decades ago and this year promises to be topical again – but that does not mean that it is an unrepeatable garment. It only has one problem: it requires exquisite taste to keep looking modern, and that’s a very difficult thing to see. Anyway, seeing images of his maturity with Barbour, makes you want to make room in the closet of coats and jackets to recover it as soon as possible.

And the third, which is linked above all to the most recent section of his life although it has always accompanied him, is el kilt, the typical Scottish and Irish skirt with the classic check pattern whose use is currently reserved for big occasions. Fortunately for fashionistas, the agenda of the heir to the British throne is full of them, and that allows him to wear it often in different versions and combinations, all of them with honor plates.

Prince Charles on his 72nd birthday
Prince Charles on his 72nd birthday – Instagram @clarencehouse

His last step, launching a sustainable collection

Proof that he is the world’s best kilt ambassador is that in the sustainable collection he has just launched on the market, he includes a kilt among the 8 men’s garments designed by students of the Milan Polytechnic and manufactured by graduates in Scottish craft techniques, whose wool it is the protagonist of it along with Italian silk. Inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the capsule collection also includes ten women’s garments, and is a commitment by the Prince of Wales to sustainability within the world of fashion, where fast fashion has been imposed for many years.

The profits derived from the sales of this exclusive selection of textile pieces will be used to finance training programs in artisan textile traditions through the foundation of Charles of England himself.

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