“The investigation”, the macabre Norse crime of the submarine




In the summer of 2017, Swedish journalist Kim Wall climbed aboard a homemade submarine docked near Copenhagen Bay with the intention of interviewing its builder and owner, Peter Madsen. However, hours later the boat sank. They only rescued the captain, whom they interrogated without success. No sign of the reporter. Until just eleven days later, when a passerby discovered part of his dismembered body on a beach. Then began a relentless search for the murderer, which is just what he portrays “The Investigation,” a miniseries created by Tobias Lindholm (“Borgen”, “Mindhunter”, “The money route”), which premieres today on Movistar +.

“I think only part of the case is known. The national and international press turned to the story, but they only covered one side, the more brutal and dark, which I think haunts us. As a father, I decided not to continue reading about the event, until I met Jens Møller, head of the Police homicide unit, who told me a story that I did not know, that of the heroes who spent days and months investigating to solve the problem. case, and that of his friendship with the victim’s parents. And that was a human story, full of value, that could inspire us and had not been told “, tells ABC the screenwriter and director, who also made the decision to do without the murderer to tell the story. Partly out of respect for the Wall family, but mostly because their macabre motivations had already been revealed in hundreds of headlines.

To bring that chief police officer to life, Lindholm entrusted another Nordic television veteran, Søren Malling (“Borgen”), who spent hours and hours with the investigator to discover not only his work, but also his feelings. “It was important to get into his skin and Jens was tremendously close, generous and humble. He wanted his story told. We don’t just talk for hours and hours, too we cry and enjoy together. We went fishing, hunting … We still see each other today, ”recalls Malling. His character soon finds an ally in the chief prosecutor played by Pilou Asbæk (“Borgen”, “Game of Thrones”), who recalls that even more important than discovering the culprit is gathering the necessary evidence to prove it. Especially in a case like this, which was littered with contradictory statements. They complete the cast Rolf Lassgård and Pernilla August, otras two stars of the Scandinavian audiovisual.

The Nordic miracle

“The investigation” is also one more example of the excellent crop of thrillers arriving from northern Europe. Tobias Lindholm believes that part of the worldwide success of “Nordic Noir” is due to the fact that they are series faithful to its reality. «In addition, we have a amazing acting school and public schools that allow us to continue building talent for the audiovisual industry ”, he says. “And there are six months a year when it is very cold and we have to be at home”, jokes Søren Malling, who adds that in these stories that are born out of the cold there is no fear of not having a happy ending and that favors the identification of the public. Hollywood is fun, I love it, but I think some of the best TV creatives work in Europe», Zanja Asbæk.

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