The judge imputes Fernando Roig for a loan granted to Carlos Fabra




The Court of Instruction number 4 of Castellón has summoned the president of Grupo Pamesa and Villarreal CF to declare as investigated, Fernando Roig, in relation to the case opened against the former president of the Diputación and the PP of Castellón, Carlos Fabra, for a loan that he would have granted to the former provincial leader of the popular.

As reported by sources from the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, Roig is summoned to testify among the businessmen investigated in this case, which investigates whether the former provincial president hid assets from his estate to hinder the execution of a sentence for which he was sentenced to four years in prison and in which they are also investigated a son of Fabra, his wife and a former adviser.

Fernando Roig He must appear before the court -although the summons schedule is not yet available- both in his own name and because he is responsible for the company Portovan SL, and the granting of a mortgage-backed loan granted to Fabra worth 1, is being investigated. 4 million euros.

Sources of Pamesa Group consulted by EFE have declined to comment on the matter for now.

In the same way, the court has made a request for information to the Castellón PP to identify the person, persons or body that authorized the payment to Carlos Fabra and a commercial of three invoices -of April, May and June of 2012- for a value of 58,900 euros.

The PP of the province of Castellón, consulted by EFE, has indicated that this request has not yet reached the party leadership.

In this sense, the deputy spokesperson for Commitment in Les Corts, Monica Alvaro, has pointed out that the PP “once again places Castellón on the map of alleged corruption and again the suspicion appears that many of the awards made from institutions governed by the PP could have been ‘fingerprinted’ in exchange for economic favors” .

Àlvaro has said that since the order indicates that the payments “could derive from the political activity” of the former president of the PP, Compromís “demands the current leaders of the PP, who shared positions with Fabra, and specifically to Isabel Bonig, to clarify the reasons for the payments of that money. ”

The former president of the Provincial Council and the PP of Castellón Carlos Fabra testified on October 28 before the Examining Court number 4 of Castellón, after on September 22 his address in the town of Oropesa del Mar was registered by agents of the National Police, within the framework of this investigation.

The court opened this case in 2017 after a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office for the possible commission of crimes of frustration of the execution, influence peddling, money laundering, bribery and prohibited negotiations to officials, without prejudice to further qualification.

The court is investigating whether the former president of the Castellón Provincial Council concealed assets of his patrimony to hinder the execution of the sentence of the Castellón audience of the year 2013 (confirmed in 2014 by the Supreme Court) for which he was sentenced to four years in prison and to the payment of a fine of 1.4 million euros as the author of four tax crimes.

The former popular president remains removed from political life after being released from prison in Aranjuez (Madrid) in May 2016, where he entered in December 2014 after being found guilty of committing four tax crimes, to pay a fine of 693,000 euros and to compensate the Treasury in the same amount.

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