The judge prosecutes the violent branch of the CDR for terrorism




The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, has agreed to prosecute the thirteen alleged members of the a violent faction of the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) who were arrested in September 2019. Nine of them also face charges of possession, storage and manufacture of explosive and flammable substances or devices of a terrorist nature.

In a car signed this Tuesday, the judge refers to the “great radicalism” shown by these people, members of a group calling itself the Tactical Response Team that was born from members of different CDRs who were totally devoted to “the cause” of independence. They were the ones who, in theory, should take more sensitive actions than mere street protests. «They became a cell that raised the intensity and nature of the actions carried out to a higher level»Says the instructor.

They are Eduardo Garzón Bravo, Esther Garcia Canet, Sonia Pascual Guiral, Queralt Casoliva Rocabruna, Germinal Tomas Aubeso, Alexis Codina Barberan, Jordi Ros sola, Guillem Xavier Duch Palau and Rafael Joaquín Delgado López, who face all the charges. Meanwhile, Ferrán Jolis Guardiola, Xavier Buigas Llobet, David Budria Altadill and Clara Borrero Espejo have been prosecuted only for belonging.

The magistrate points out that those investigated, as members of the ERT, «They would have surpassed the activity within the respective CDR and formed a parallel terrorist organization, clandestine and stable, whose objective would be to carry out violent actions or attacks against previously selected targets using explosives and / or incendiary substances manufactured in the two clandestine laboratories that the organization itself had installed in two private homes ” .

Shortlisted objectives

In fact, as the investigations reflected and the judge records in the car, at the time of the arrests they had already carried out information precise of their possible objectives, through reconnaissance, surveillance and control of police facilities, taking photos and videos of predetermined targets.

Specifically, it lists those places that, as it concludes, were in its sights and against which the group intended to carry out some type of action or attack: the Barcelona Naval Command, the Barcelona Military Government, the Barcelona Government Delegation, the Office of the Prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, the headquarters of the Headquarters of the Civil Guard Command of the province of Barcelona, ​​members, vehicles and facilities of the Security Forces and Bodies, high voltage towers, highway installations, tolls or the Parliament of Catalonia, among others.

In this sense, the judge reports that the members of the ERT had had an active participation in the materialization of some of the most forceful actions that the CDRs have carried out, such as the dumping of oil on roads, although one of his plans would also have been to occupy the Parliament of Catalonia at the request of a so-called “Catalan CNI”. They had, incidentally concludes the judge, with the knowledge and the means to be able to carry out the action.

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