The kamikaze who killed a young man on the A-5 accepts seven years in prison for intentional homicide




A 25-year-old kamikaze driver who killed a young man on the A-5 in December 2019 for driving in the wrong direction has accepted a seven-year prison sentence for a crime of intentional homicide by admitting that he drove under the influence of alcohol and drugs, tax sources have reported. In accordance with the agreement, Pablo CM will serve five years in prison for a crime of homicide and two for a crime of driving with conscious disregard for the lives of others for having voluntarily caused the death of a motorist when he was driving his vehicle in the same direction. contrary.

In addition to the jail sentence, the defendant will lose his driver’s license for twelve years and will have to do 50 days of work for the benefit of the community once he is released. The facts denounced by the Prosecutor’s Office and now recognized by the accused date back to December 8, 2019. In the early morning of that day, around 5.45 a.m. Pablo left the parking lot from the Jowke nightclub, in Alcorcón, on board a vehicle of his property and he joined the A-5 at kilometer 13,600, after having ingested alcoholic beverages and consumed cannabis, “which reduced his driving conditions and his ability to react, with the consequent risk to drivers. road users ». The defendant drove his car on the A-5 road towards Badajoz for 16 kilometers until he reached kilometer point 29. It was there that he changed the direction of travel and drove for 7.6 km “circulating in the direction of Madrid on the lane left of the exit lanes towards Badajoz, endangering the other users of the road with whom he was crossing.

According to the compliance agreement, Pablo CM was “aware” that he was driving in the opposite direction and that despite the “dense” fog that morning, “he ignored the warnings of the at least ten vehicles with which he was driving. crossed and carrying the statutory lights ». Nor did he heed the “numerous” vertical and horizontal signs indicating that he was traveling in the opposite direction. The accused did not use any of the six possible points in which he could have left the road to avoid colliding with other vehicles and circulated in the opposite direction, “doing so with full disregard for the possible harmful results that could derive from his action, assuming and accepting the consequences of the same and therefore the high risk of attempting against the life and physical integrity of the rest of the road users ”.

Finally, at 6.13 am, at kilometer point 22.025 and while driving in the central lane “Without performing any evasive maneuver”, It collided head-on with a passenger car driven by JNP who, as a result of the impact, suffered multiple trauma, which caused hypovolemic shock, for which he died at 6.14 am. The Civil Guard agents who were present at the scene of the accident, observed that the accused had clear symptoms of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and / or narcotic substances, for which he was required to submit to the legally established tests.

These tests yielded a positive result of 1.02 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air in the first test, and 1.04 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air in the second, refusing to contrast the tests by clinical analysis. In the same way, a test was carried out that would indicate the consumption of drugs in saliva with a result positive for cannabis and cocaine. In terms of civil liability, the accused and the insurance company must pay jointly and severally 184,061 euros to his daughter, 152,749 euros to his partner, 52,155 to his mother, the same amount as his father, while his brothers must pay 19,817 euros for one of them and another 21,394 euros for another.

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