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“Our social and economic progress is undoubtedly linked to yours.” The King Felipe VI has encouraged Valencian businessmen to follow boosting the economy and has highlighted public and private innovation as one of the pillars to continue growing.

This is how the monarch has expressed himself this Thursday, who has been received with cheers and applause at the act of the General Assembly of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV), which has closed.

“We need companies to keep working and driving the economy; you need us to help you do it. Without them, without you, recovery will not be possible. For this reason, and because we see your constant effort to avoid the loss of jobs, we hope that all the measures adopted by the Administrations, vaccination and European funds will facilitate the desired road to recovery», Highlighted the King.

Felipe VI has regretted that the pandemic has had an “especially hard” economic effect on the Valencian Community, due to the specific weight of the tourism in the region. «We see the summer again with greater hope and some uncertainty. This coming season will surely bring opportunities and much better results than last summer. It will take time and a lot of effort to reach the spectacular figures of 2019, but we will get there, “he predicted.

Image taken this Thursday of King Felipe VI in Castellón
Image taken this Thursday of King Felipe VI in Castellón – EFE

In this context, the monarch recalled that Valencian textile and automobile companies mobilized during the toughest moments of the pandemic to manufacture large-scale medical supplies, respirators, and the tourism industry offered hotels to accommodate medical personnel and coronavirus patients; in addition to the importance of distribution and the agri-food sector.

“Neither the lack of tourists has stopped you, nor the limited size of the companies, nor the uncertainty with which, to this day, you continue to work. It’s a true privilege and I am proud to have entrepreneurs, here in the Valencian Community and throughout Spain, with your high degree of social commitment, responsibility, and your capacity for dialogue and understanding, ”the King stressed.

In this regard, he has admitted that the road to recovery will be “complex”, although he has highlighted the public and private innovation as «the best option to continue growing», since it considers it to be «a bet for the future».

Likewise, the monarch has also highlighted the export sector Valencian, whose figures are already above the national average, and has valued the role of the universities to transfer knowledge to the productive fabric.

“I am sure that Valencian companies will continue to rise to the great challenge, as we are counting on you to accelerate and strengthen the economic recovery. You are doing a great effort to adapt to the new environment, which is the only option to maintain jobs and be able to recover the previous growth rates. Together with adequate training, it will allow you to be more competitive, “said the King Felipe VI.

Public-private collaboration

In the closing ceremony of the CEV the president of the entity, Salvador Navarro; the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi; the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto; and the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

In this sense, Salvador Navarro has highlighted the “high social commitment” of Valencian businessmen and has argued that the crisis has revealed “all that we can achieve when we add our efforts and act together.” «In this, the Valencian Community has been an example. We have shown that there is another way of doing things, “he assured.

In addition, Antonio Garamendi stressed the importance of ‘saving the summer’ and called for entrepreneurs to be able to participate in decisions on European funds; while he has called for stability at the national level.

The minister Reyes Maroto has celebrated that the advance of vaccination “is beginning to be noticed in the Spanish and Valencian economies”, with signs of a slight recovery in unemployment figures. In addition, he has advocated transforming the production model and advancing in sustainable, accessible and safe tourism.

For its part, Ximo Puig has highlighted the “Valencian way” to reach agreements from serenity and has opted for a “strong business alliance”. “There is only one way, there are no shortcuts to prosperity, you have to work better,” he stressed.

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