The «Lanzarote Sailing Paradise» won the J80 League




Last weekend the last day of the J80 League in Lanzarote took place where two boats started with a slight advantage over the rest. The Lanzarote Sailing Paradise of Alejandro Morales and the Stubborn of Aythami Quintana maintained, before starting the day, a beautiful fight where the advantage was for the monohull of Alejandro Morales.

Three regattas had planned the regatta committee for the last day where a total of 15 would be added in the league, which would lead to a new discard of the accumulated regattas throughout the competition, and with it movements in the classification that could bring new boats to the fight for the title.

The southern boats of the CN Castillo del Águila took the lead in the first race and began to draw numbers to see the possibilities of getting into the fight for the League title. The Marina Rubicón I of Miguel Ángel Lasso, who defended the title won last year, took the test and, although he was approaching third place in the general classification, he was still very far away, but without taking his eyes off the horizon of the discard , which could bring you good news. Second was Rafael Lasso’s Marina Rubicón II and third was Pedro Ferrer’s Ferrer and García. For their part, the favorites to win the competition remained far from the top positions, with Lanzarote Sailing Paradise being sixth and Stubborn ninth.

The difference between the first two in the general classification was now 4 favorable points for Alejandro Morales, who won the second test of the day and gave almost a blow to the competition, waiting for what his main rival, Stubborn, would do. entered fourth. The difference in the general between the two was already 7 points, draining Aythami Quintana’s chances of singing the alirón. Second in the regatta was Ferrer and García and third was El Mateo by Alfredo Morales.

With the last test of the day, and of the League, a discard was looming. Lanzarote Sailing Paradise would discard a seventh position if it finished in positions lower than these while Stubborn would discard the ninth position made in the first race of the day. This would lead to take out the calculators and see that the current differences could change radically, especially if those of Aythami Quintana managed to win.

The one who won was Rafael Lasso’s Marina Rubicón II and he was left with 36 points with the discard and had to take out the calculator. Second was the Marina Rubicón I by Miguel Angel Lasso and third was El Mateo by Alfredo Morales. At this point, Lanzarote Sailing Paradise, which entered fourth, was already celebrating the League title accompanied at the goal entrance by Stubborn, who not only lost the possibility of winning the competition, but also saw the second place in the league take away. General the Marina Rubicón II.

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