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Has been the best Real Madrid footballer in the last three years. The best player of the past decade together with Cristiano Ronaldo. For many it is an eternal legend since he won the Champions League in 2014 thanks to his golden header. A bit that changed the history of a final that, if Atlético achieved it, another football history could be written. But Ramos decided that European Cup. And it was essential, with another target against Atlético, in the 2016 Champions League triumph. Those two Champions paved the way to celebrate another two, to which were added four Club World Cups and three European Super Cups. His name is Sergio Ramos now At midnight, he will stop being a Real Madrid professional and will become a free agent.

Fans cry for their departure, because the overturn of the heart that they lived in Lisbon has marked their lives, as it marked that of the entity.

He leaves with 671 games, 101 goals and 39 assists; Had he renewed, he could have surpassed Raúl’s record, 741 games, and Gento’s 23 titles

He leaves tonight with a balance of 22 titles in the house. His mistake of not understanding that Real Madrid’s renewal offer for a season had an expiration date, a deadline in April, has left him without continuing in the club of his life. He asked for two years, he stretched the negotiation for a year and a half and has been left out of the institution and with other honeys in his mouth. To follow, could have equaled and surpassed 23 titles from Francisco Gento at the legendary enterprise of universal football. He leaves with 22, tied with Marcelo, who wants to stay and set a record of trophies in the entity. The Brazilian yearns to match and surpass Gento.

The club did not like that the captain told his teammates not to accept the reduction of ten percent of the salary, because that money would be to sign Mbappé. In the end, The Sevillian did accept that economic reduction to renew, but there was no longer an offer.

Sergio Ramos also wanted to overcome the 741 games played by Raúl and was in the way to reach him, but he goes and he stays with 671, a stone’s throw away. Being central, he has scored no less than 101 goals for Real Madrid and has provided 39 assists.

He arrived at the Madrid club in August 2005, after play the first league match of that year with Sevilla. After sixteen seasons he leaves due to a lack of understanding with the club that was heated by the 2015 renewal, which took a year and a half to remember. Now history has repeated itself and the company has cut its losses. He put an expiration date and neither Sergio Ramos nor his brother René, attorney, found out. When there was a knock on the door in early June, the door no longer existed.

There are, however, other arguments. Sergio Ramos left Florentino Pérez to plan the squad without him and that is what he has done. The player did not count in his calculation his age, 35, or his injuries.

PSG, Chelea and the two Manchester clubs are on your agenda. The problem is that it also asks them for two years and the PSDG, for the moment, refuses.

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