The left-wing opposition led by the Labor Party prevails in the Norwegian elections

Labor Party Leader Jonas Gahr Store celebrates his victory and thanks Solberg for his eight years at the helm of the country


The Labor Party (AP) has been the winner of the Norwegian legislative elections held this Monday and could govern with the support of the Left Socialist Party and the Center Party, according to preliminary results.

Specifically, the Labor Party, led by Jonas Gahr Store, has obtained 26.4 percent of votes (1 point less than in the last elections), while the Conservative Party (H), of the prime minister since 2013 Erna Solberg achieved 20.5 percent (4.6 points less), after counting 99.3 percent of the votes.

Behind are the Center Party (SP), which has obtained 13.6 percent (3.3 more points) and the Progress Party (FrP), with an ultra-conservative tendency, which has achieved 11.7 percent of support. (3.5 points less).

On the other hand, the Left Socialist Party (SV) has obtained 7.5 percent of the votes (1.5 points more) and behind are the Red Party (R), with 4.7 percent, and the Christian Democratic Party (KrF), with 3.8 percent. The Green Party would have 4.5 percent.

With these data, the projections suggest that the AP, SV and SP would obtain 89 of the 169 deputies, an absolute majority that would allow them to govern in coalition, which previously the Labor leader pointed out as “plan A”.

After knowing the preliminary results, Store has celebrated its victory. “We have worked hard and now we can finally say that we have achieved it,” his supporters stressed before.

Although he has reiterated that the coalition of the three parties is his first option, he has influenced his intention to invite other parties to talk with a view to the formation of the Government. “The majority who want a change is so clear, that it is a great responsibility for us to find a base to govern with security,” he added, reports the NKR chain.

On the other hand, he has referred to the prime minister, whose eight years in charge of the country has thanked him, stressing that he has been “consistent” with Norway.

Solberg herself acknowledged her defeat in the elections shortly before Store claimed victory. Specifically, he has congratulated the Labor leader and pointed to the “clear majority” for a “change of government.”

The polls closed at 9:00 p.m. (local time) this Monday after an election day preceded by a campaign in which the fight against climate change has been the main protagonist, in particular because of the future that the powerful industry must have. oil company of the Nordic country.

The release of a report sponsored by the UN and calling for more drastic measures to contain emissions of polluting gases has shaken a political scene in which, at least for the moment, the main parties seem reluctant to turn the page to fossil fuels, aware of the money and employment behind it.

The Conservative Party arrived at this meeting in low hours and the polls predicted a setback in Solberg’s formation against Store, as has happened according to preliminary results.

Store, which has been in favor of a “fair” policy on environmental matters and has even acknowledged that Norway may be on the verge of a new era, has ruled out putting too many ties to a $ 40 billion energy industry.

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