The majority of EU citizens support the EU’s response against the coronavirus



Most Europeans give the go-ahead to the management of covid-19 by the 27th block. This is the conclusion reached by an investigation by the American think tank. Pew Research Center, carried out between June and August of this year, before the second wave of the pandemic. An average of 61% of eight member states think that the EU you have done a good job in the battle against the virus.

Of the more than 14,000 adult participants in the study, 8,000 are citizens of the eight EU states surveyed: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. These make up 70% of the EU’s population and almost 80% of its economy.

Germany and the Netherlands are the most favorable to Community policies on this matter, with 68% in each of these countries. In addition, the Germans see the EU with better eyes than other partners, through 73% support, compared to the average of 66% of those interviewed who are in favor of it. For its part, Spain is the third member that best values ​​the supranational entity, with 68% approval, only behind the Teutonic and Danish states. In fact, Vox It is a “sui generis” case within the family of the European populist right, since it is the only party of this tendency that expresses more support than rejection of the community project. Even so, the optimism of the Spanish regarding the continental bloc has dropped considerably if we compare it to that of 2007, when it was 80%. Regarding the attitude favorable to policies to stop the pandemic, Spain occupies the fourth position with 65%.

On the opposite side of the scale, the inhabitants who least applaud the EU’s fight against the pandemic are Belgians and Italians, with 51% and 54%, respectively. Curiously, already as non-EU citizens, 64% of British support it. In addition, 60% of these have a favorable opinion of the EU, after last January the Brexi, which is still in a moment of transition.

Another relevant fact is the fact that Spain is the only country in the EU that considers the national management of the pandemic worse than that of the 27th bloc. Only 54% of Spaniards approved in summer the answer of Moncloa.

One of the findings of the study is that none of the European ruling parties experienced a significant drop in voting intention, despite the widespread feeling that the economy is not doing well. Furthermore, it should be noted that the approval of the Recovery Fund, the largest economic aid package in the history of the EU, caused great optimism among EU citizens. Even in the Netherlands, which was reluctant to approve such measures.

Impressions outside the Old Continent

In general, from the rest of the countries of the world that have also participated in the study, there is a good perception of the EU’s management towards the pandemic. About six out of ten americans Y Canadians they are in favor of the performance of the Twenty-seven. In the case of australian, there is a great division of opinions, since 46% approve it, compared to 45% who reject it.

For their part, Asian nations such as Japan and South Korea strongly oppose the EU on this issue. In the Japanese country, 52% are positioned against 34% who see it with good eyes. South Koreans are much more opposed, with a 78% rejection. Only 19% believe that they have acted correctly.

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