The Minimum Living Income will have an extra cost in Aragon of 30 million euros




The Minimum Living Income (IMV) implanted at the level state is going to have a extra cost in Aragon of about 30 million euros per year, according to an official report from the regional government, to which ABC has had access. This extra cost is a consequence of the extra social income that this Community has decided to pay on its own to increase the amounts and the number of beneficiaries. Aragón guarantees a minimum of 522 euros per month –10% more than the State pay, initially–, and with the possibility of adding more amount depending on the personal and family situation of the beneficiary.

Until the entry into force of the IMV, each autonomous community had its own subsistence income, which guaranteed a

social protection payments to people with low economic resources. In this community it was called Aragonese Insertion Income.

In theory, these types of regional benefits were covered with the new Minimum Living Income created by the State. In other words, the autonomies were no longer going to have to pay for this social income, because it was assumed by the state coffers.

But Aragon has decided to substantially improve the minimum income set by the State, so that more people can benefit and so that those who collect it can receive an extra above the amount paid at the national level. All this is collected in a Autonomous law complementary to the state IMV. This regional law, for which the implementing decree is now being finalized, was approved by the Cortes of Aragon last May. It was promoted by the four-party government PSOE-Podemos-Chunta-PAR, chaired by the socialist Javier Lambán and the law went ahead without any vote against: Cs and IU voted in favor, and the PP and Vox abstained.

According to him official report of the regional government in which the economic impact that this law will have is evaluated, It will cost the regional coffers about 30 million euros per year.

In mid-2020, a total of 8,000 inhabitants of Aragon were collecting the old Aragonese Insertion Income –which last year represented a disbursement of 47 million euros–. According to the estimates of the regional Executive, 79% of those beneficiaries are now covered by the new state IMV. Public spending is maintained, but it is paid from Madrid, instead of from Zaragoza. But, from now on, on that cost assumed by the State, we must add that derived from the extras that Aragón has decided to pay on its own.

According to the same official report from the regional government, Aragón will spend almost 19 million euros a year to fully pay the benefit, some 2,700 people who previously could access the Aragonese Insertion Income but who, now, do not meet the requirements that mark the new state IMV.

And, in addition, among those who are entitled to this state benefit, Aragón plans to distribute another 11.48 million euros annually in the form of extra supplements with which to increase the amount they receive from the State.

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