The most common mistakes we make when using the mask



The use of the mask in Spain is widespread since this summer, when the Government of Pedro Sánchez made it mandatory at all times. However, there has been little culture among the population to use it, so many people have doubts or make common mistakes that they should not, although the authorities little by little begin to carry out advertising campaigns where it is explained how to use a mask correctly .

Everything indicates that the use of the mask will accompany the population during 2021, according to the Government, since a part of the population will be vaccinated according to the executive’s forecasts. Despite everything, it will not be enough to acquire group immunity. Therefore, it is possible that months remain with the extended use of the mask, so it is necessary for the population to acquire the necessary knowledge to wear it correctly.

What mistakes are repeated when using the mask?

The Ministry of Health has a series of recommendations that you have to follow when using the mask, and that some are not fulfilled today, according to what is seen on the streets. ABC gives a series of keys to avoid these errors.

Hand hygiene: When handling a mask for the first time, the hands must be clean and disinfected. In this way, bacteria and viruses that touch this part of the body are eliminated. This measure also has to do with the handling of the mask. Touching the outside of the product must be avoided at all costs, which is what protects against the entry of pathogens. It must be attached, adjusted and not touched.

Nose outside or below the chin: The mask must fit the face, so that the nose and mouth are covered by the product. It is wrong when someone wears their nose unprotected or when they get down to talk to someone. These actions do not protect and diminish the effectiveness of the mask.

Extend its use: remember that non-reusable masks should not be used for a long time. Surgical and hygienic ones should not be reused for more than four hours, in addition to discarding them when finished using them. PPE, or better known as FFP2, have a longer life (36-48 hours, depending on the manufacturer), but their use should not be prolonged and they should be recycled once the use has been completed. As for the washable ones, Health recommends following the manufacturer’s instructions to carry out their disinfection.

Taking it off the wrong way: just as the mask should not be handled from the front, it should not be done when it is removed. For this reason, the most effective way is to pull the rubber bands from behind with your fingers, without ever touching another part of the product. It should also be borne in mind that when storing it, it should be done in bags, instead of leaving them on surfaces that can contaminate the product.

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