The murderers of Isabel Carrasco, two brawlers behind the bars




Death must be looked at face to face. Be quiet! To shut up I said! ». Montserrat González is not Bernarda Alba but her dominant character and her permanent controlling shadow do not separate her too much from the Lorca character. He has been in prison for almost seven years for taking out a revolver and shooting in the back the woman with whom he had shared acts of the PP and laughter, Isabel Carrasco, president of the León Provincial Council. She and her daughter Triana Martínez, for whom she murdered, and for whom she would give her life, have shared a cell ever since. They have already done it in three different prisons and in all three they have left their wake as wayward, rowdy and arrogant. Between the two, they accumulate almost as many penalties -36- as years of sentence: 42.

“They have clashed with officials and insulted them, they have had fights with other inmates, they have broken furniture, they have hoarded prohibited material …”, prison sources report. Their detailed files account for 13 sanctions the mother, most of them in the León prison, where they spent two years, and 23 Triana. A ‘taleguero’ resume at the height of a ‘killer’ of average hair more than the wife of a chief inspector of the National Police and an employee of the Diputación de León who began to treasure a brilliant career until everything went wrong.

Fights and a hair straightener

The last serious sanction on their record is from last year when they found a mobile phone hidden in their cell, in the Villabona prison (Asturias), to which they were transferred in October 2018. Shortly before they were surprised with a curling iron hair, a forbidden object. The telephone took them back down the steps that they had managed to reach little by little in their adaptation process.

When the officials believed that they had finally accepted the rules, the ‘abc’ of a penitentiary, the inseparable couple again blew up that expectation. Montserrat and Triana lost their destinations in the Villabona commissary, one of the most precious tasks for prisoners. Since then the mother has worked meticulously as a greenhouse assistant and the daughter in the library of the women’s module.

Both entered Mansilla de las Mulas (León) in mid-May 2014 after being arrested on the 12th. Montserrat shot Isabel Carrasco in broad daylight when the all-powerful president of the Leonese County Council was crossing the bridge that crosses the Bernesga River, on the way to the headquarters of the Popular Party. Carrasco did not have an escort nor could she intuit that the mother of her former protégé was following her from her home with a revolver in her bag that she discharged from behind. The victim died on the spot.

Montserrat, married to Pedro Martínez, chief inspector in charge of the Astorga National Police station, not only did not repent, but also considered Isabel’s murder an “act of justice.” The psychiatric report exposed during the trial was relentless. He described her as “domineering, dogmatic, prone to manipulation and little ability to empathize outside of her closest family circle.”

«He does not hesitate to confront»

His Bernarda Alba pose, mourning and rigid during the trial, did not change: 22 years of sentence. It will serve three-quarters in November 2030 and the total penalty in 2036. A long criminal horizon that she does not seem to want to soften. After seven years the deal with the officials is correct; with the rest of the prey is another story. “He has a difficult character, he jumps at the slightest, he believes he is in possession of the truth and does not hesitate to confront him,” explain the sources consulted.

His daughter Triana has chosen to indulge in some joys with a lover she met in prison, although the pride in the deal seems to be a trademark of the house. Coroners described her as a “very intelligent woman, with a high opinion of herself.” The psychiatrist who provided his defense added that he suffered from “abnormal dependence on the mother” and “mild dependence personality disorder.”

“Dependence? Yes of course. If you call her for anything, immediately the mother appears. Montserrat is an appendix of Triana. Or vice versa. The best thing for both would be to be separated “, reflects an official.

Despite the umbilical cord, Triana has character and has displayed it. The continuous problems of the inmates in the Mansilla de las Mulas prison caused – the officials received letters of complaint from their companions – their transfer to the Valladolid prison in June 2016. In this prison the girl fell in love. He met Romeo, a Romanian prisoner serving time there. They met in the common organized activities (workshops, theater groups or sports complex) that exist in the centers with women’s modules and there love arose.

Following in the footsteps of his girlfriend

They were registered as a de facto couple, which was authorized, and which allows intimate encounters between the couple at least once a month. The idyll continued from strength to strength and when mother and daughter were transferred to Asturias, in October 2018, Romeo’s change of prison was also authorized. But last January the inmate was extradited to Romania to finish his sentence. They say there were no tears because the relationship had grown cold.

Triana will serve three-quarters of his sentence in May 2029. He has applied for several permits, which the Treatment Board has denied. Mother and daughter paid the 150,000 euros of civil liability that was imposed on them.

Death of the father

In November his father, the retired chief inspector Pedro Martínez, died of Covid at the León hospital. Since the crime, he did not miss a week to see them. With one difference: with his daughter he spoke through a telephone booth and had a family vision. With his wife, only through the glass.

The prison authorized them to move to León where the policeman had been admitted to the ICU for weeks. They couldn’t see it. The authorized person was the brother of the patient. The next day, the father died. The paternal family lingered when it came to reporting the place and time of the burial. They did not have time to arrive. Montserrat and Triana do not forgive the affront.

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