The mystery of Mireia Belmonte



Once the marks already had with a view to the Olympic Games that were to be held this past summer have been canceled, it is time to face the exams again. Also for Mireia Belmonte, which, after almost eleven months without competing, reappeared yesterday at the Castellón International Tournament. And at the first opportunity to win those tickets again for Tokyo 2020, the Badalonese caught the minimum mark in the 1,500 test, with a time of 16: 05.02, and after a spectacular comeback against Jimena Pérez, who managed to get more than four seconds in the first part of the test.

The 30-year-old swimmer had not played a competition since January, which raised the question of how her body would respond to the adrenaline of the brands. In these months he has trained everything that the pandemic has allowed him and the strict anti-coronavirus controls later. Also, in August, he had to go through the operating room to treat two inguinal hernias when he expected to participate in a competition in Loulé (Portugal). Thus, in his preparation, he had only faced an individual test, of 3,000 meters, to see how his body responded to so many months of uncertainty and stoppages. In recent weeks he had completed a concentration in Sierra Nevada, which has always given him that extra so that his body can get the best of himself, and he gave up participating in the short pool championships with the intention of getting better at this weekend in the 50-meter pool, the Olympic , in which he was looking for a ticket for four tests: 400 free, 400 styles, 800 free and 1,500.

Strong final beat

In his schedule for Saturday, Belmonte had 400 free and 1,500 free tests. In the morning he tried to calibrate his preparation and reach that minimum mark in the mid-distance test. He achieved a time of 4: 15.03, second in the heats behind Paula Juste and ahead of Jimena Pérez. But nevertheless, the cut-off mark for Tokyo is at 4: 07.90 and, in addition, in this tournament a single ticket is awarded, for the best record. It gave of low in the late afternoonSo he will have to wait for the Spanish Open in March to fight for this minimum.

Belmonte wanted to save strength for the 1,500 test, which opens in the Olympic program in Tokyo 2020. And he showed that the competitive gene has not been left by the wayside, already assured their presence in their fourth Games (formerly Beijing, London and Rio). Jimena Pérez set a very high pace from the beginning and surpassed Belmonte by more than four seconds. But in the last 500 meters, the Badalonese doubled the bet and managed to surpass the Madrilenian. Today he will go for the minimum in 400 styles and 800 free. They also achieved an Olympic place Jessica Vall, in 200 breaststroke, and Hugo González, in 100 backstroke.

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