The nativity scene «Sagrada Familia» in Alicante enters the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world




The monumental nativity scene «Sagrada Familia», promoted by the Alicante Town Hall, has received this Tuesday the official certification of the “Guinness World Records” as the “largest Nativity in the world.”

The news has been announced in the Blue Hall of the consistory through the German judge, Lena Kuhlmann, and has been received by the Councilor for Fiestas, Manuel Jimenez, Mayor, Luis Barcala and the vice mayor, Mari carmen sanchez, along with numerous representatives of the economic sectors of the city.

The work done by the artist foguerer Jose Manuel Garcia «Pachi» (Alicante, 1967) has a total dimension of a volume of 56.02 meters, between width, height and depth. The Bethlehem of Alicante almost quadruples the height of the one that until now held the Guinness record, which was registered in Monterrey (Mexico) in 1999 and measured five meters high, compared to 18.5 meters high in the Valencian city.

The Nativity, which has been planted in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, is made up of a Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus and has a combined metric length of 56.025. Specifically, the staff of San José measures 18.15 meters, the Virgin Mary almost 17 and the Child Jesus leaning over a manger is 3.25 meters

The nativity scene has had a budget of just over 130,000 euros for three years, with the aim of becoming a “unique milestone” of Christmas that helps revitalize tourist activity, specifically, the commerce, hospitality and hospitality sectors. restoration in the context of the health pandemic of the coronavirus.

The Birth of Alicante snatches a record held for 29 years by the Mexican city of Monterrey, whose sculptural ensemble amounted to 28.58 meters, almost half.

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, of the PP, has highlighted that what he has baptized as “the greatest birth in the world” is a symbol of the city’s “feeling of hope” in the face of the health and economic consequences of the pandemic of the Covid-19, as it will be a “boost to the productive sector” of a city focused on tourism.

He recalled that after having to suspend so many parties and celebrations in recent months, the nativity scene will help many visitors to arrive from outside “to enjoy, to shop and to consume knowing that Alicante is a safe destination.”

Without mentioning the 15,000 euros added to the budget of 130,000 to get accreditation in the Guinness Book of Records, the mayor has pointed out that this world institution “provides the mark of the Alicante landmark” that “makes the city visible on a national and international level.”

Two months to build the nativity scene

The construction artist, José Manuel García Esquiva «Pachi», has explained to journalists that it took almost two months to erect this set made of iron pipes and that it is prepared to withstand inclement weather, such as rain, water and wind.

The intention of the sculptor has been that when entering the square surrounded by four buildings, the visitor’s gaze goes directly to the figure of greatest size, Saint Joseph, who in turn directs his eyes towards the Virgin Mary to end up in the center of the scene: the Child Jesus.

“The message we want to send is that, like this family, we get along well and that together we can get out of this”, referring to the consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Ten families from the city of a sector that has been unemployed since last March due to the cancellation of parties such as Bonfires Alicante women have turned to construction in the hope of helping the city “be known throughout the world” based on a work chosen by the jury for its styling and color scheme.

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