The new cases rise to 500 again in Galicia despite the fact that a similar number of tests have been carried out




The number of new cases of coronavirus detected in Galicia between 6:00 p.m. on Monday and 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday show a total of 501, 113 cases more than the 388 that were reported in the last update of the Sergas data. This represents a significant increase, despite the fact that CRPs increase, but that increase is 6.4% more tests: 7,336, which is 439 more than the previous day. The positivity scales 1.9 points, and goes from 5.3% that reflects the Covid data website (yesterday it reflected 4.4%, but now that data appears) to 7.2%.

All in all, the 516 newly cured patients allow the number of current patients to be lowered, that is, active cases: they are reduced by 9, reaching 9,051, but still not managing to lower the psychological barrier of 9,000. The number of hospitalized also decreases: the drop in the plant to 473 is appreciable, 27 people less. Pressure drops in ICU, from 106 to 102, 4 less. The death toll is 1,092, with the 6 confirmed late on Tuesday.

By sanitary areas, the one with the best results this Wednesday is Ferrol. The one with the greatest increase is Corunna, with 122 new cases, 59 more. The assets are 1,876, 41 more. But the area with the most positives right now is Vigo, with 2,317, a reduction of 30 active infected. The new positive PCRs are 108, 11 more.

The figures of new infections are, unfortunately, not at all low in areas such as the area of Pontevedra, which has found 88 new carriers of the virus, 21 more, with 1,254 currently sick with the virus, a rise of 41. In this area a new council, Sanxenxo, is confined to the perimeter (next to O Grove), the hotel industry closes and prohibits meetings of non-partners. These restrictions would apply, in principle, for one month.

In Lugo this indicator remains at 1,100, 29 more, with 69 cases confirmed by PCR, 14 more. In Santiago active cases go back 30 to 1,006, but another 60 positives were confirmed, 19 more than the previous day. In Pray positive and active cases rise, despite their clear downward trend: there are 33 new positives, an increase of 7, and the total number of patients in the Orense area increases by 32 Orenseans, to 749.

Ferrol is downhill. With 21 new positives, 18 fewer, and 749 active cases, a reduction of 28, it is the area that shows the best results this Wednesday, being the only one that falls in the two indicators.

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