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The Congress of Deputies launched this Sunday, coinciding with the celebration of Constitution Day, your new website, whose design was awarded to Grupo Corporativo GFI Informática, SA. in August 2018 by an amount of 1.59 million euros, VAT included.

According to the expected execution deadlines (15 months), the renewal of the website should have occurred at the end of 2019, But that year the Courts were dissolved twice, due to the electoral repetition, and then the coronavirus pandemic arrived, which has also influenced this delay.

The new site has been designed with the aim of improving its accessibility, facilitating searches and access to information, increase the content published in a reusable format and offer a cover with a simpler design.

Intuitive navigation

It incorporates all the information and documentation from the previous portal, with a structure designed to facilitate its consultation through intuitive navigation and an optimized search engine. It will also mean an advance in the publication of open data and seeks to guarantee transparency.

Accessibility has been one of the priorities when addressing the structure and design. For example, colors have been modified to ensure maximum contrast, so that reading is made easier for people with visual disabilities, according to the institution.

Specifically, it has been developed taking into account the Accessibility Guidelines or General Principles of Accessible Design, established by the WAI Working Group belonging to the W3C.

The current design is 13 years old

Until now, Congress had a web portal developed in 2006 and implemented with the Oracle Portal tool. It was later expanded with numerous additional functionalities by the Chamber’s IT services, but the current technological platform presented an evident technological obsolescence that made it unfeasible to address the necessary evolutions in a portal of these characteristics.

The demands of its users and current trends in technology, in which mobile devices and multimedia content are of great importance, as well as compliance with transparency and accessibility regulations at the state and European level, hIt was necessary to address the construction of a new page with the capacity to satisfy all the needs of the Congress of Deputies in the short and medium term, also integrating all the content already available on the current website.

The objective is for it to become the best instrument for bring Congress as close as possible to citizens, facilitating the knowledge of it and its activity.

Too includes a space dedicated to Transparency Portal, already existing on the current page, whose sections, content and composition will be improved. Here you will be able to consult, for the first time from mid-February, the declarations of economic interest that your honorable Members must register in the coming weeks.

Educational content

The portal contains a “microsite” exclusively dedicated to making available to citizens a data set in open format, where the entire available data catalog will be dynamically displayed, and from where you can also access files in different formats.

In addition to the open data existing on the current web, incorporate those related to deputies, groups, initiatives and presentation of data carried out by the search forms for initiatives and interventions.

The new page will also include a section with educational content aimed at schools and institutes, with information adapted to children and young people about the Congress and its operation, as well as knowledge tests on the information offered.

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