The new ministers of Peru are sworn in with the return of Pilar Mazzetti to the Health portfolio


The new president of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, took the oath of office this Wednesday to the ministers that will make up the new cabinet, with the return of some of the positions of the Administration of former president Martín Vizcarra, among which the return of Pilar Mazzetti to the Health portfolio, a particularly relevant position in the midst of the coronavirus health crisis.

Mazzetti had resigned after the approval of the motion of censure against Vizcarra and the inauguration of Manuel Merino, who finally resigned due to the pressure of protests in the streets.

She has been the third Minister of Health since the start of the pandemic in Peru was decreed, after Víctor Zamora, who was relieved of his position by Vizcarra, after a management highly questioned by both health professionals and Congress and Abel Salinas, the minister who held the position for two days in the brief Merino Administration.

Along with the head of Health, Alejandro Neyra, another of Vizcarra’s former ministers, also returns as head of Culture, and Javier Palacios at the head of the Labor and Employment Promotion portfolio.

The new Council of Ministers, which will be made up of 18 ministers – eight women and ten men – is headed by the lawyer Violeta Bermúdez. At the head of the Foreign Ministry is Esther Astete Rodríguez and Waldo Mendoza Bellido of Economy.

On the other hand, Nuria Esparch Fernández is the new Minister of Defense, Solangel Fernández Huanqui is in charge of the Housing, Construction and Sanitation portfolio and Silvana Vargas Winstanley of Development and Social Inclusion.

The Ministry of the Environment is headed by Gabriel Quijandría Acosta, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations is Silvia Loli Espinoza and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is Eduardo González Chávez.

Claudia Cornejo Mohme is the new Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism and José Luis Chicoma Lúcar the new Head of Production. The Agriculture and Irrigation portfolio is led by Federico Tenorio Calderón, the Education portfolio by Ricardo Cuenca Pareja, the Justice portfolio by Eduardo Vega Luna and, finally, the Interior portfolio by Ismael Rubén Vargas Céspedes.

Sagasti promised yesterday, during his inauguration as president, that the criteria he would follow to elect his new cabinet would be “honesty, efficiency, commitment and the ability to work as a team”, to form a “plural cabinet” that represents “the diversity of citizenship “.

In this sense, he stressed that his Executive will not be “partisan”, but “plural” and that the first of the “challenges” he has to face is to ensure that the elections are held “smoothly” and are “absolutely clean” the April 11 next year.

Events have precipitated in Peru, where on November 9 Congress approved a motion of censure against President Martín Vizcarra, thus forcing the ascent of the until then President of Congress, Manuel Merino. However, this immediately led to protests that resulted in the death of two protesters, prompting Merino to resign on Saturday.

Faced with Merino’s resignation, Sagasti assumed the presidency of the country on Tuesday with the hope of stabilizing the political situation in the Andean country that has seen four presidents in four years.

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