The number of immigrants from the Canary Islands arrested in Valencia for carrying false documents rises to 29



The number of immigrants detained in Valencia after their arrival on flights from the Canary Islands during the last bridge rises to twenty-nine. Most, according to law enforcement sources, they carried false documentation, such as fraudulent passports and registration certificates.

The arrests occurred on Sunday, December 6 (thirteen people) and Tuesday, December 8 (sixteen) for infractions of the Aliens Law, although immigrants are released, with an open expulsion file and investigated for identity theft, and they will be able to move through Spain until their repatriation occurs.

Of the sixteen immigrants detained Tuesday, two tested positive for coronavirus, for which they have been admitted to the La Fe hospital in Valencia. The rest were transferred last morning to the facilities authorized by the Generalitat in the old School of Nursing to pass the quarantine. Some of those held have families settled in the capital of Turia.

Those arrested landed in Manises on Tuesday shortly before ten in the morning aboard a regular flight of Vueling who had left Gran Canaria. In this regard, as denounced by the police unions, last December bridge more than three hundred immigrants from the Canary Islands arrived at the Manises airport on eight commercial flights operated by the companies Vueling and Ryanair.

Meanwhile, on Sunday they were already arrested in Manises thirteen other immigrants They were traveling on a Ryanair plane that landed after eleven o’clock at night after taking off from Manises airport. Most carried falsified documentation, as advanced “Lift-EMV” and has been able to confirm this newspaper.

The Ministry of the Interior denies that they are organized transfers. According to the government, immigrants pay for their tickets out of pocket. A thesis accepted by the Unified Police Union (SUP), which maintains that many of these people “don’t even have enough to eat.” One of the open lines of investigation tries to determine if after the trips there could be mafias behind that would facilitate false documentation and fictitious registrations in Canarian municipalities.

The Valencia agents have expressed their surprise at the fact that the false documents had not been detected at the airports of origin and that many of the immigrants intercepted the expulsion file was not opened in the Canary Islands for irregular stay after reaching the islands in patera.

Operational before the arrival of five new flights

With these precedents, and despite the fact that the Government insists on denying organized flights from the Canary Islands, the National Police has enabled a special operation for this weekend to reinforce the border post at Manises airport in anticipation of the arrival of five new flights with irregular immigrants on board.

Specifically, the flights will land between this Friday, December 11, and Sunday, December 13, from Lanzarote, Tenerife North and Gran Canaria.

The police instructions for police deployment, to which ABC has had access, indicate the need for reinforcement of the Aliens Brigade to provide support to the border post in the “management of the arrivals of the referenced flights.”

Specifically, the document urges the National Police agents to “Check the legal situation” of the passengers of the five flights that have generated the alert. For this, they indicate that “they must make sure that they carry documentation and if they appear recorded on the Adexxtra base as paterists who have already been processed an expulsion agreement.”

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