The official section of the Aguilar Festival starts with 31 shorts in the running




The Official section of Aguilar Film Festival, a contest that celebrates its thirty-second edition of the December 4-13, this year will have 31 short films, 16 of them are Spanish productions and the remaining 15 from different European, American and Asian countries. Compared to other years, the main novelty in this contest is that the financial award has been eliminated of the prizes and instead 200 euros will be awarded to each of the selected short films.

The Official section, the festival’s highest competitive category, will once again show a careful selection of the best films produced in recent months. Among the Spanish productions, the presence of filmmakers with a long career who return to the contest with their latest works stands out. This is the case of Óscar de Julián, a director who in 2015 won the award for the best short film with Alpelae and who now returns with Otra vida, an intimate documentary where the filmmaker explores himself. Another director with extensive experience is Koldo Almandoz from San Sebastian, who has directed the documentary Quebrantos together with María Elorza and who has already been selected by the festival on three previous occasions.

Two filmmakers who are also once again part of the main competition of the contest are Sam Orti and Coke Riobóo, creators of two interesting animation works and who were already part of the Official section in 2006 and 2007. The first is the author of Rutina: la Prohibition, a foray into science fiction that depicts an imaginary world of deformed beings. Coke Riobóo, meanwhile, arrives with Mad in Xpain, a hooligan proposal that offers a satirical vision of our country.

Apart from these works, the Official section will feature three other animation works shot in our country. One of them is Yo, by Begoña Aróstegui, a portrait of the monotonous coexistence of a couple that was recently awarded at the Alcalá de Henares festival. Another is El gran hito, an intelligent look by Ignasi López Fábregas on the small and the great successes. Finally, the work Homeless Home, by Alberto Vázquez, arrives in Aguilar after being awarded at the Annecy festival.

Documentary and fiction

Regarding the documentary genre, in addition to Otra vida and Quebrantos, shorts already mentioned above, the festival has selected five more works. One of them is Augas abisais, an experimental proposal signed by Xacio Baño from Lugo. Another documentary included in the Official section is Marte, Oman, an amazing film by Vanessa del Campo that reflects on the universe and the desire to explore.

An observation of space that becomes an analysis of time in A dedication to the beast, a Nucbeade film that sets its sights on the headquarters of the Patronato a la Mujer in San Fernando de Henares, a former Francoist institution. That gaze of women and the feminine is also present in Correspondence, a documentary by Carla Simón and Dominga Sotomayor. Finally, El concierge, by Marcel Mettelsiefen and Mayte Carrasco, brings the viewer closer to Cristian, a concierge who continues to work while all of Spain is confined in March of this year.

In addition to animation and documentary works, the festival will show four national works of fiction. One of them is Fenomenal, the second short by actress Leticia Torres in which the subtlety of the silences, the looks and the gestures stands out. El martir, for its part, is a film by Fernando Pomares that addresses the issue of immigration through a look full of emotions. Also in the form of fiction, it comes to the Victoria festival, directed by Daniel Toledo Saura and starring the actresses Abril Zamora and Lorena López. Finally, the work Forastera, by Lucía Aleñar, is set on the island of Mallorca and tells the story of a young woman who discovers the similarities she shares with her late grandmother.

International short films

Along with national works, the Aguilar Film Festival has selected in its Official section 15 works from Romania, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, China, USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, France, Austria, Belgium, South Korea and Poland, allowing viewers to contemplate some of the best work on the international scene. Among all the international shorts that will compete for the festival’s highest award, the ten works that come from the European continent stand out.

The international films in the Official section will be screened together with the national works and will compete for the award for the best short film, granted by the official jury, in addition to competing for the awards for the best animated short, director, actor, actress, script, photography and mounting. Likewise, they will be able to achieve the awards given by the public, young, senior jury, from critics, to the best short directed by a woman, to the best original music and the Red Cross. In addition, the work that wins the award for the best national short film will win the Golden Cookie and direct access to the initial selection of the Goya awards.

Online broadcast

The 31 works that are part of the Official section can be viewed through the festival’s website,, after prior registration on the platform. This registration has a price of 15 euros that includes a two-month subscription to the general contents of the aforementioned platform.

Viewers who are already subscribed to Filmin will have free access to the shorts in the Official section, an advantage that the winners of the 75 subscriptions that the Aguilar festival raffles through its website will also benefit. All the short films will be available from December 4 to 13 and may be viewed in the order chosen by the viewer.

KINO20 exhibition

Coinciding with the celebration of Aguilar Film Festival, the Ancóra Art Gallery has inaugurated the film-themed exhibition ‘KINO20’ on Saturday. This collective exhibition of visual arts brings together the creations of seven artists: Verónica Bueno, Pedro S. Guerra, Pablo Izquierdo, Rafa López, Helena Basagañas, Mariano Olcese and Adrián Ssegura. ‘KINO20’ collects a selection of more than 25 works alluding to the world of cinema, in which there are references to films such as Los Santos Inocentes or Blade Runner, to classics of Spanish cinema, to iconic characters from the history of the seventh art or even to an abandoned movie theater.

«We continue to take steps in this adventure and with this new exhibition we are supporting the Aguilar Film Festival, with a selection of works by renowned artists. The walls of our gallery will speak of cinema in capital letters, “said Adrián Ssegura, coordinator of Ancóra Art Gallery. The exhibition, located in the Dobleó Creativa space, on Calle Puente number 3 in Aguilar de Campoo, will remain open to the public until January 17, 2021.

The Aguilar Film Festival is an event organized by the Aguilar de Campoo City Council through the Department of Culture, and is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain – through the ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts ) -, the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC / E) through its Program for the Internationalization of Culture (PICE), the Junta de Castilla y León and the Diputación de Palencia. Among its main private sponsors are Galletas Gullón and Aquona.

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