The opposition charges against the “table of indignity” granted by Pedro Sánchez




The ‘dialogue table’ between Government of Spain and the Catalan regional executive continues to count on the frontal rejection of the opposition. Disqualification occurs every time a representative of the PP, from Vox o de Citizens (Cs) for a forum with which, they say, the Parliament is stolen from issues that may affect the National sovereignty.

In the press conferences after the Board of Spokespersons, The popular Cuca gamarra has charged against “the table of indignity” granted by Pedro Sanchez to its parliamentary partners of ERC. “He wants to replace Parliament”, has settled the PP spokesperson, who has stressed to the media that the future of Spain “is not negotiated or decided unilaterally.”

Gamarra has demanded that the Government make public opinion the order of business for tomorrow’s meeting – of which the Catalan regional president, Pere Aragonès (ERC), has excluded
for including in its entourage disabled people and outsiders to the Government. The PP deputy has stressed that they have not even transcended the issues that will be addressed in the meeting and has claimed that The Moncloa reveal “with light and stenographer” what you want and what you intend to tackle. The independentists insist on introducing the ‘amnesty’ and the ‘self-determination’ on the agenda.

The PP spokesperson in Congress has not spoken, that is, about the quarrels that have become visible today in the independence movement, with a new clash between ERC and Junts, partners of the Government, also criticized by the PDECat and the CUP. “It is indifferent to me,” she has responded to the press, and has remarked that what matters to her is that Aragonès refuses to go to the Conference of Presidents when summoned.

Sánchez, to the rescue of the independence movement

In the same vein, the Vox spokesman in the Lower House, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has spoken out, criticizing the name by which the bilateral table is called. «It is nothing other than the table of the betrayal, surrender and unworthiness», Declared the deputy of the formation in a press conference. Thus, Espinosa de los Monteros has indicated that, in his opinion, it is not by chance that Sánchez has agreed to attend the meeting at a delicate moment for the independentists. “He has come to the rescue of the independence movement at its worst, when it is weakest it prepares to rescue them,” he added.

Asked if he thinks the Prime Minister will end up agreeing to grant a self-determination referendum, Espinosa de los Monteros has assured that he sees him as capable, although “it is difficult” to foresee if he will change his mind. “We believe that he is very capable of putting the constitutional system in check to continue one more day in power,” said the Vox spokesman in Congress.

The number 2 of Cs in Congress, Edmundo balHe has also charged against the constitution of the table and has reproached the Executive for not doing the same to deal with real problems of the Spanish. «Where is the table to discuss the rise of the light? Where is the mental health one? They do not exist, only one table for the benefit of Sánchez“Bal has underlined.

The position differs completely in the parties that make up the coalition government. While the socialist Hector Gomez, who has been released today in the position of spokesperson, has stressed that the table helps to reduce “tension”, Jaume Asens (United we can) has celebrated that now he is betting on dialogue. Gómez has remarked that what is negotiated in it will be subject to the Constitution. And Asens has finished off the opposition with a dart: “Whoever says there is a solution without dialogue and without a pact is lying.”

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