The Parliament knocks down the “Galician electricity tariff” of the BNG that would make electricity more expensive by 30%




As expected, Parliament has knocked down in Plenary it takes into consideration the bill with which the BNG has once again brought to the fore its «Galician electricity rate» in the heat of controversy pro the receipt of the light. PP and PSOE have voted against the measure defended from the rostrum by the Bloc’s leader, Ana Pontón, who has opened charging against the “legalized scam” that she attributes to the “electric lobby”, in collusion with the major parties, and has closed accusing both of putting “their ideology above the interests of the Galicians.” The popular have rejected the rule because it would make the bill more expensive by 30%. The Socialists have shown their chest with the latest measures announced by Sánchez to lower the bill and have called Pontón’s intervention “propaganda”.

The nationalist spokeswoman has loaded the ink in her start in the “social emergency”, exemplified in the patient who gets up at six in the morning so that hemodialysis does not entail an unaffordable bill. From there he has gone on to censor that Galician territory is “full of reservoirs” and wind turbines, to which has been added the “predatory wind boom, which is a bomb for the environment” with which the electricity companies continue to “plunder” the country ; to which has been added the recent crisis of the reservoirs, with the emptying of dams in the Miño-Sil basin. Point in which he has reproached Alberto Núñez Feijóo who first chose to “let the concessionaires do” and then wanted to “Cover the shame with a fine of 25,000 euros” that has been described as a reason for “laughter” and “joke in bad taste”, because it is what the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, charges in one day. There has been a mention of his hug to Feijóo at his investiture.

In that speech that has truffled attacks on parties and multinationals, he has insisted on pointing to the “perverse game of revolving doors”, by which former presidents of the Government, such as Felipe González and José María Aznar, as well as former ministers, They charge “a salary from the ciborium”, in exchange, he said, for perpetuating a system in which “electricity companies rule more than governments” without their CEOs going to the polls.

At this point, Pontón has once again advocated for the «Galician electricity bill», which «has been vetoed for 12 years» by Feijóo, has reproached, as the mainstay of its battery of measures to lower the bill, that it would allow «to reduce the price of light “and” to compensate for the Community’s producing role “. «It is something very simple, which has legal force. That we lower the bill tolls in the producing areas. It is a matter of justice and common sense. The Bloc’s spokeswoman has also advocated a “stable and competitive” industrial rate and “advance in more powers in energy matters.”

“Sovereignist propaganda”

The socialist Martín Seco has reproached Pontón for not dedicating «not a single word to the measures announced yesterday»By the Government, led by Pedro Sánchez, to lower the price of the electricity bill. Hence, Seco himself has been in charge of shelling them. Opposite, a BNG that “only and exclusively came here to propagandize its ideology”, after on Monday, Seco has ugly, joined Vox to try to overthrow one of those measures of the central Executive. “We do not know if the BNG is concerned about the rate, to lower it, or simply wanted to carry out an exercise in sovereign propaganda, to sell the Galician rate as a solution to all ills.” “Simple solutions to complex problems tend to be more propaganda than real problem solving.”

The socialist has continued in his harsh tone, accusing the Bloc of «try to blow and suck at the same time“, Nationalizing companies and lowering taxes, because” yours is mine and mine, too, “he has launched. Nationalizing “will not significantly lower” the bill, has contested Pontón, as well as “because it is Galician, the rate will be lower.” “Stop sovereign mantras,” he added. They have not lacked the taunts to the Government Rajoy, but the depth charges have been directed mainly to the BNG.

Pontón has been reminded that Galicia is only in surplus in one part of the energy system, and as for tolls, he has slipped that “even Galicia is not so bad a stop”, although he has opened to study the reduction of transport tolls : “We do not deny that this measure could be studied.” It was the only hand extended to the Bloc, to whom he finally claimed that «think more about people and less about territories“, Since there is a need for accessible energy” in Teruel as well as in Orense, “he stressed.

“Patch” and lies

The Popular Group’s energy spokesperson, Marta Novoa, has begun by criticizing the central government for putting a “patch” on the escalation of the electricity rate, while “lying blaming Europe, Russia and even Rajoy, he’s been away for three years. But the bulk, as in the case of Seco, has been dedicated to Pontón and a proposal that, he recalled, has already rejected a parliamentary commission whose almost all appearing parties indicated that “it would be disastrous” for Galicia to have its own rate. Novoa has taken into account: the cost of the electricity system for the Community is 900 million, but Only 700 are collected with the payment of energy, so there would be 200 missing and the own rate would mean that the electricity bill would be “30% more expensive”; and “that is a scam”, has ugly.

After pointing out that the person responsible for raising the bill is in La Moncloa, with the support of the Block in its day, and not in San Caetano, Novoa has continued to dismantle the nationalist arguments, from its “mantra” of a public energy company that it would have to manage some reservoirs that expire in 30 years, to the energy reality of the Community, which would have to assume a BNG where renewables are “demonized”. The problem: «they disconnected the thermals before time», which conditions the energy mix, because this energy «we cannot store». But the Bloc “yearns to disconnect Galicia, put a switch in the Padornelo”, has reproached the popular deputy, who has warned that the “trend” is to go towards a European market, never towards a regional one as Ponton wants.

Faced with this proposal, he has called on the nationalists to support the measures defended by the PPdeG, which would allow the price of electricity to be lowered by 20% in a “legal and sustainable” manner: reducing electricity taxation, acting on the PVPC and developing renewable energy storage systems. “The Galician rate does not hold,” Novoa has closed.

Pontoon, already folding sails before the inevitable tumble in the vote (17 votes in favor, 53 against) has reserved the end to attack each other again. Loading the inks in Feijóo, of whom he has said that “he prefers to embrace the interests of the electricity companies” and “abandons families, companies and SMEs”, with a new mention of his greeting to Galán just when the president entered the Chamber. “If anything is fair, it is that the electrical wealth of this country is used to create jobs, prevent the closure of Alcoa (…). His interest is to defend the boards of directors of electricity, not energy as a public good», Has launched its final reproach, before the umpteenth slam of the Galician electricity rate.

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