The Peruvian Interior Minister resigns and triggers the first crisis in the Sagasti Government

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Resignation of Ruben Vargas It occurred because he appointed César Cervantes, who worked as a police attaché in Madrid, as General Commander of the Police, a fact that en the practice consisted of the dismissal of 18 generals that they surpassed him in merits and seniority, and that he was denounced as a violation of the labor rights of the police institution.

«I present to your office my immediate resignation as head of the Interior Ministry. We are fully aware that this quest to improve our National Police of Peru does not end with the appointment of a minister, “said Vargas, saying goodbye while adding that his” decisions are covered by constitutionality, which scrupulously respect police regulations , and that they were taken responding to the need for the PNP to regain the trust of the citizens.

The departure of the 18 police generals, which included the former police general commander, Orlando Velasco, who had just recovered from Covid-19 where he was intubated in an intensive care unit; caused the claim of 15 former Interior Ministers, all of them very distant in work and thoughts; who affirmed in a public letter that “… the recent replacement of the high command of the National Police of Peru (…) was an outrage against police regulations.”

The announcement of the departure of the 18 police generals was made by President Francisco Sagasti himself, who congratulated himself on the fact that the changes made to the police meant the sanction of the policemen who allegedly killed the Inti Camargo students with lead shot and Bryan Painted. The lawyer Rubén Vargas is the sixth Minister of the Interior so far in 2020 and one of the ministers who has lasted the least in his position: 14 days. The crisis that caused the removal of Martin VizcarraThe protests that followed the appointment of Manuel Merino and the subsequent appointment of Sagasti have caused Peru to have had four presidents since Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took office in 2016.


Sagasti was sworn in yesterday as the seventh minister of the interior to Cluber Fernando Aliaga, who has been director of the Callao police region until mid-2016, is a lawyer from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and is registered in the «Contigo» party.

The former Minister of the Interior and member of the group that captured the leader of the terrorist gang, Sendero Luminoso, Abimael Guzmán; Carlos Morán told ABC that the appointment of Vargas’s successor generates “healthy expectations and confidence that the institution will be returned to the police.” “There is a latent problem that has to be resolved with the permission of President Sagasti: review the appointment of General Cervantes, because the police feel that the law has been broken. An institutional exit has to be considered and General Velasco could be reappointed, who recovered from Covid 19. The decision is made by them. The impasse would remain if Cervantes continues, “he said.

The cabinet chaired by Violeta Bermúdez attends Congress today with her full cabinet in search of approval of the vote of confidence. They will meet for the first time face to face with the political parties led by Antauro Humala, José Luna Galvez, César Acuña, Keiko Sofía Fujimori, Raúl Diez Canseco; who on November 9 removed with 105 votes the former head of state, Martin Vizcarra, for an alleged case of corruption that is being followed by the Public Ministry.

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