The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office investigates the head of Government of Castillo for money laundering




The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office announced its decision to investigate the new prime minister, Guido Bellido, and the leader of the ruling party – the radical leftist Peru Libre – Vladimir Cerrón, for alleged money laundering, within the framework of a ‘dossier’ opened several weeks ago regarding the party’s electoral campaign.

The prosecution is investigating Guido Bellido, Vladimir Cerrón and at least 13 other members of the Peru Libre board of directors for an alleged mafia selling false driving licenses; Product of which the Bellido campaign in Junín (center of the country) and the Castillo campaign and the legislators of Peru Libre were allegedly financed in 2021.

The President’s Cabinet Pedro Castillo it has not yet been invested. According to the Peruvian constitution, the prime minister and his cabinet must present themselves to the national Congress within 30 days of their appointment by the president. And after exposing their government plans, the plenary session of 130 congressmen decides by a simple majority whether to vote for the investiture or not.

«Premier Bellido does not represent an opening to dialogue due to his investigation of apology for terrorism, due to his misogynistic and homophobic expressions. It is a provocation to have chosen it. Why put the least suitable person for the position? I am also provincial and I know the importance of meritocracy in the State, “said the congresswoman and former education minister, Flor Pablo, from the Morado-Somos Peru party bloc, to ABC, who has announced that they will deny the vote of confidence to the prime minister.

Along with the money laundering investigation, Bellido is being also investigated for the crime of apology of terrorism in two cases: an interview where he allegedly praised Edith Lagos, a member of the Shining Path terrorist gang who was murdered in Ayacucho; and an alleged visit by Bellido to the area where coca leaves are grown and there is a remnant of the Shining Path led by the Quispe Palomino brothers.

Guido Bellido is, in addition to being a congressman, one of those closest to the leader of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, a declared Marxist-Leninist, who ended up imposing himself against the sector of moderates who were looking for a consensus ‘premier’, after elections that polarized Lima and some coastal cities versus cities in the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon.

The Prosecutor’s Office argues that among the reasons for including Cerrón in the investigations are the ‘suspicious’ bank movements carried out in recent years and the information obtained in the framework of the ‘Los Dinámicos del Centro’ case, regarding this alleged illegal financing.

The fiscal Richard Rojas He explained that this alleged organization would be headed by Cerrón, who was also sentenced a few years ago for a conflict of interest and is being investigated for alleged crimes of corruption in the country.

Regarding Bellido, the prosecutor Rojas has decided to include him as a result of the information obtained during the investigations of the case ‘Los Dinámicos del Centro’. The prosecutor added that the prime minister “had knowledge” of the alleged crimes and “would have coordinated and participated” in their execution.

Likewise, the Superior Court of Justice of Lima (TSJ) admitted last Monday for processing a ‘habeas corpus’ appeal that demands the annulment of the resolution that designates Guido Bellido as president of the Council of Ministers and Iber Maraví as Minister of Labor of the Government of Castillo.

On the other hand, the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office opened a parallel investigation against the new Minister of the Interior, Juan Carrasco, for alleged “misconduct” due to the fact that he requested a license as a lawyer to access the position without apparently completing the procedures so that there would not be an incompatibility in the positions.

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