“The photos remind me of the princess of the town”




A battle at the blow of exclusives and social networks is the one that is being celebrated this bridge of Hispanidad in what splashes the sentimental environment of the judge Santiago Pedraz. First it was the magistrate who debuted in a highly commented exclusive with his current love, Esther Dona, Griñón’s widow until recently, posing as we had never seen her in an affectionate attitude with her partner since this summer. Before this boast of love, his previous girlfriend, the criminal lawyer Silvia CordobaHe decided to end up with so much media syrup for which he has not trembled at the time of confessing his feelings in ‘Readings’ in another exclusive that he assures will be the last he does, although only time will tell if this is the case.

At the moment, he clarifies that he wants to donate part of the earned money to help the victims of the La Palma volcano and that at the moment that money comes in handy to cover the expenses of the mortgage that he requested months ago to acquire the house where did you plan to live next to Pedraz and their respective children as they had devised before their sudden breakup. As we reported days ago,
and Córdoba they had to meet last Thursday at a bank to close the account they had pending and thus end what still united them (an appointment that Esther Doña did not miss and where there was not even a greeting between the exes) to start now yes separate paths.

But it was to see the pose of Silvia Cordoba in the magazine where he tells how he found out that the judge was dating Mrs through the internet and how Pedraz He had commented on different occasions that he was not interested in that woman (there were already suspicions) adding that she was not his type by any means, and the former partner and mother of the magistrate’s second son, the journalist, appeared on Twitter. Paula Arenas, to make a lapidary comment about the lawyer. «This is the height of absurdity: today it’s time for @Lecturas with @sylviacordoba and his spite towards @sjpedraz seems that there is someone wanting revenge and fame. The photo even reminds me a little of “the princess of the people.” The worst: me, tweeting about these things, “he says in a tweet that in the environment of Esther Dona It has tasted like triumph.

To date, the former judge’s ex had not even come forward when she saw the video of ‘Hello’ where the father of her son kisses and caresses non-stop Mrs but it has been to observe Silvia Cordoba in the pages of the heart when the impulse to comment has outweighed the discretion that had so far silenced his comments. The journalist compares the criminal with Belén Esteban and gets involved in a battle that announces more chapters. In case anyone still doubted it, it is clear that the entrance of Pedraz in the pink press it will give us many afternoons of pain and glory

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