The PNV pressures Sánchez to reform the electrical decree and protect the industry




The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has assured that the Government is working to “clarify and specify what is necessary” of the decree that cuts benefits to electricity companies so as not to harm the industry, given the notice of the PNV that in this crisis industrial and energy “the future of the economy is at stake, but also that of its own government.”

Given this, Sánchez has assured that the Executive maintains contacts with electricity and industry to “ensure” that the latter do not raise their energy bill and also to “facilitate” new contracts “at affordable prices” for industrial producers.

“This is what the Government is working on, with the electricity companies and with the industry: clarifying and specifying what is needed in decree 17/2021,” he said. This decree law, which among other measures cuts the extraordinary benefits of electricity companies due to the price of gas, is submitted to a vote in Congress this Thursday.

Sánchez has made these statements before the demand of the PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, to “tweak” the decree law in the face of the risk of an industrial strike, something that, he said, even threatens the viability of the Executive itself: “The future of the economy, but also the future of its own government, “he warned.

For the PNV spokesman, it is necessary to “prevent” that the electricity companies “play at will” with the possible sources of generation “to get the maximum benefit” and has conceded that “it is not acceptable that they use the ram companies to their own interests.

“But the solution is not that simple solution of cuts to electricity companies. This is much deeper,” he added, highlighting that the industry is facing a crisis of scarcity of raw materials and higher prices, and that the energy crisis “It can be a blow that knocks them down for good.”

‘I urge you to do something, not just at the European level. He must do something, now and here, from his own Government, retouching, reorienting the decree, “urged the PNV spokesman, before issuing the warning about the future of the economy and himself as president.

Later, Esteban called on the Government to «reorient itself» its energy policy, in order to invest in gas transport and storage infrastructure as a “backup” technology: “We have been saying for years to invest, they have not paid much attention to us and we are heading into a very difficult winter, “he said.

For his part, Sánchez has defended his Government’s commitment to reindustrialization, and has indicated that the need to undertake measures at the European level, with the reform of the electricity market, measures against “speculation” of the rights of emission of CO2 and “reinforcing the negotiating capacity” vis-à-vis gas exporters.

Likewise, he has defended as “social justice” the cut in the profits of the companies, so that “companies that are charging above their costs pitch their shoulders and that increase is not reflected in the electricity bill.” “He says it is insufficient but it is of social justice,” he claimed.

Likewise, he has valued the tax cuts, both in VAT and other taxes that electricity bears, suspended or reduced to a minimum to lighten the receipt and that, he said, “are having a very important decrease in collection” , reports Ep.

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