the Police fined 711 people for breaking the curfew and sanctioned 1,051 locals




Agents of the Local Police of Valencia 711 sanctions have been imposed for breaching the curfew, decreed to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, since last October 24, when this decree came into force. In addition, they have filed 143 complaints for holding private meetings with more than six people.

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The local police councilor, Aaron Cano, has pointed out that citizens have thought that «the private sphere was a safety sphere where my brother, my sister, my mother, my cousins ​​or my friends, as they love me, are not going to infect me and this virus does not know of affections ».

“The hardest fact of all, and the one that has to make us all reflect, is that 372 people from the city of Valencia have already died,” he lamented. Currently the cumulative incidence of the pandemic is 246 cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants, 110 more than those registered at the beginning of October.

Regarding the use of the mask, since the month of May when it was made mandatory, the Local Police has imposed 15,194 complaints, although so far this November, the complaints have decreased to 1,611, compared to 4,225 that were reported. They put in October.

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The councilor wanted to make an appeal to the public: «It is about gritting your teeth, knowing that sometime next year there will be a vaccine, there are a few months left and what we are asking is give up activities that can be perfectly renounced».

Likewise, since the beginning of the state of alarm, the Local Police has put 1,051 local penalties, in November 53 and in October 150. Cano highlighted the latest performance in a local La Marina, in which nearly 200 people were evacuated in “a situation of tension, where the agents acted in a very professional manner.” “We have appreciated that most of the hospitality industry meets the standard”, has valued the mayor.

It has also valued the proper functioning of the schools and has recognized the involvement of teachers, parents and especially students, “which shows that behavior according to the rules avoids many cases.”

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He also mentioned the fact that “most deaths occur in people over 63 years, but most infections are occurring between 15 and 50 years” and has made a appeal to youth so that they respect the security measures.

To conclude, he pointed out that in this pandemic “individual attitude is very important” and the effort of citizens in the remainder of the pandemic “will redound to our health, our work and our economy, since all these attitudes hit our wellness”.

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