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The Roberto Polo Collection. Centro de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo (CORPO), which is exhibited at the Museum of Santa Cruz de Toledo, opens this coming Saturday and the next a new cultural offer related to dance, which will feature the dancer and choreographer Susana Sánchez López.

What movement does this work suggest to me, what music would I put on it, how to interpret its plasticity? These are questions that Susana Sánchez asks herself in the contemplation of the plastic arts that, she says, have been a source of inspiration for her since childhood: a hard-working girl at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid where she received her first training, while dreaming what the weightlessness within a painting by Dalí.

On this premise, the Roberto Polo Collection. Center for Modern and Contemporary Art of Castilla-La Mancha (CORPO) has invited Susana Sánchez to interpret the works that are exhibited at its headquarters in Toledo. The dancer, inspired by the avant-garde and contemporary abstraction, has chosen two artistic movements to put them in dance, surrealism and cubism, and He will perform them for the public in room 15 of the museum (free admission until capacity is contemplated) next Saturday, July 3 and 10, at 12.30 in the morning.

In both cases, they are pieces conceived to freely interpret their matrix structure, choreographies that are not immobile, but open, free, alive, such as a measure in a jazz score. Her affinity with the absurd and dreamlike of surrealism led the choreographer to conceive Rocking my dreams, stripping thoughts, a dance of curved and ethereal movements that starts from his observation of room 11 of CORPO, dedicated to surrealism with works by Max Ernst, Marc Eemans, Sadie Murdoch and Marc Maet among others, «pieces – declares the choreographer – where the body is the main element; a fragmented, stripped body. There will also be a reference to Pierre-Louis Flouquet regarding his imaginary portraits (266 are temporarily exhibited in room 12 of the museum) and the oil painting Le penseur mol ».

This last work will serve the artist to merge and contextualize the dance with the contemporary pieces that occupy room 15 of the museum, where the show will take place, lasting about 15 minutes. «Taking into account that surrealism created wrong images, so that the object or being reflected could be interpreted in different ways, and that they were interested in exploring the language of dreams, This will not be a fixed choreography but an improvisation that will start from a dream world, where the spirit will really dance to give expression to a body»: His, to the rhythm of the chords of the musician and composer José Luis Polo, interpreting his ‘Sound Concept’, a multi-instrumental piece in which classical and other instruments are interspersed, coming from his hand to the score: any object that emit sound is likely to fit into your music.

‘Tango’, about Marthe Donas

The second of these choreographies, Tango, borrows its title from a work by the avant-garde artist Marthe Donas. “It is inspired by cubism and abstract art. Its movement reflects the geometric figures and, also, the absence of curves that defines Neoplasticism». An articulated piece such as the Tango de Donas, the schematic drawing that the flamenco painter designed for the cover of the influential magazine Der Sturm, and that today is exhibited in room 6 of CORPO / Toledo.

Susana Sánchez, graduated in classical dance from the Madrid Conservatory, also trained in contemporary, modern and neoclassical dance, body expression and movement theater. Throughout her career she has dedicated herself not only to show business and the fusion of dance with the rest of the arts, but also to teaching and practical application for therapeutic purposes.

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