the portrait that makes Isabel Pantoja the first man in her life



There is not a day that new information about the figure of Isabel Pantoja, so analyzed in recent weeks as a result of the public accusations of her son, Kiko Rivera. It well deserves a commission because it occupies a large part of Telecinco’s programming. If she was not enough with the image that her cousin Sylvia Pantoja gave of her last Friday and the problems with Rivera brothers Due to Paquirri’s inheritance, the testimony of her first boyfriend comes to light: Francisco Cotes.

The first man in the life of the tonadillera, with whom he was a year, has told the love story who lived with her in an interview with the program «Socialite». They met in Mallorca in 1970 when a very young Isabel Pantoja was beginning her career in the world of music. At that time she was 14 years old and he was 17. “At that time, Maribel was already pointing out ways. When she came to perform, she had one hand in front and one behind, they even had to leave her the dress “, says Cotes.

As soon as he saw her, he fell in love. He decided to ask permission from his mother, Doña Ana: «I wrote a letter to his mother asking for permission to see her. Her family was not separated from her, when Isabel and I stayed her mother was with us and she sat between us ».

For Francisco Cotes, the reason for this was always the money. He assures that they are an obsessed family. «What they say about the obsession with money, everything comes from the family. She has been the one who has supported and brought all of them forward. At the age of 14, he already brought Bernardo, Agustín, Juanito, his father and his mother forward. That is why her mother did not leave her in the sun or in the shade. Doña Ana will not receive a pension, because she has never contributed, and Bernardo did not hit the water. I found him a job in a souvenir shop here and it lasted nothing and less. These people were not from work, “he says.

As the artist’s fame grew, their relationship grew colder and colder. There came a point where things no longer worked and they cut ties: «After my trip to Seville, little by little things began to decline, back then I was a waiter and it was very little thing for her. I don’t think that kindness would have served him well, she always wanted more. The truth is that she was beginning to look arrogant.

When asked about the current Isabel Pantoja, he assures that he does not recognize the tonadillera. Obviously, he was only dating her for a year and she was still very young, but she assures that she is no longer who she was. «It has changed a lot. I do not accept that he is so selfish, especially what he has done to the son. Surely it is because of the brothers, especially Agustinito, since she was a child they have exploited her, ”says Cotes.

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