The PP affirms that the approval of the PGE consummates the “great betrayal of Sánchez to the Spanish”




The Popular Party (PP) has reacted forcefully after the approval of the General State Budgets (PGE) with ERC and EH Bildu and has charged against Pedro Sanchez, whom he has accused of consummating his “lie” and his “betrayal” of Spain. After the Congress endorsed the opinions of all sections of the accounts, which will now go to the Senate, the popular spokesperson in the Lower House, Cuca Gamarra, has claimed the “alternative” that represents his party against the drift of the PSOE.

«These Budgets hide the betrayal of Spain“Gamarra claimed in the courtyard of Congress, where he recalled the hollow promises of the Prime Minister, who before the general elections promised not to govern with Podemos, not to agree” never “with Bildu-coalition heir to the outlawed Batasuna, political arm of ETA- no longer allow the governability of Spain to rest on pro-independence parties.

The warnings from Republicans and “abertzales”, who proclaim their support for the accounts as a first step towards the Catalan and Basque republics, have not intimidated the PSOE, despite the fact that Ciudadanos kept their hand out until last week to offer an alternative ” moderate. “” These Budgets show the great lie, “continued Gamarra, who has denounced that the Government’s negotiation with its partners has been” political, “and not budgetary.

Pablo Iglesias, at the head of the Executive

The “roller” of the Executive has rejected the 1,500 partial amendments presented by the PP, aimed among other things at lowering taxes on the middle classes. However, since Pablo Iglesias led the negotiations with ERC and Bildu 52 ETA prisoners have approached prisons in the Basque Country and the controversial «Celaá law», Which eliminates the vehicular character of Spanish in education.

Openly, the Government is also preparing a reform of the crime of sedition to reduce the penalties of the leaders of the “procés” and this week, in the midst of the budget maelstrom, Unidos Podemos demanded the release of those convicted of sedition and embezzlement before the Catalan elections of February 14. “ERC and Bildu say that from now on the Government will have to make a mandatory agreement with the leftist independentists,” Gamarra said, who has declared: “A Budget that makes Bildu and ERC happy cannot be good for the Spanish.”

Montesinos (PP): “The pact with Bildu and the independentistas has served to bring ETA closer to the Basque Country, suppress Spanish as a vehicular language and raise taxes”

Along the same lines, the Vice Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, has indicated that the public accounts reveal “the great lie of the Prime Minister”, because everything that Sánchez said he was not going to do “is finally what he has done.”

Montesinos denounces that the pact with Bildu and the independentistas has served to “bring ETA closer to the Basque Country, suppress Spanish as a vehicular language and raise taxes.” “His only purpose is to stay in La Moncloa,” he declared in an interview on Canal Sur.

Sánchez’s “complicit silence”

“We reaffirm that we are going to act as a containment dam,” said Montesinos, who has expressed the PP’s defense of democratic institutions, the separation of powers and judicial independence from a Prime Minister who keeps “an complicit silence” before the attacks of the vice president, Pablo Iglesias, who according to the popular deputy, “Against the pillars of our democracy”. “Nothing remains of the Socialist Party. Only the Sanchista Party remains ”, he has sentenced.

For her part, the sector vice-secretary of the popular, Elvira Rodriguez has assured that «the PP has proposed an amendment to all the PGE because they are not what the economy or the Spanish need».

Rodríguez denounces that the Executive has “put aside” the generation of employment in the General State Budgets. “We must put appropriate policies on the table and create jobs,” he remarked in an interview on Spanish Television.

Along the same lines, he has stated that “some things that the Government has delivered in exchange for votes to the accounts should never have been delivered.”

Finally, Rodríguez has insisted that his party has not modified its position on the renewal of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) and that they are in favor of “renewing” the judicial body, but has denied that there is an agreement with the PSOE.

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