The PP asks for the resignation of Marlaska due to the migration crisis in the Canary Islands




The unsustainable situation that the City Council of Mogán (Gran Canaria) has reached the Congress of Deputies. The deputy of PP Ana Vazquez has demanded the resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, as the most effective measure to “solve the migration crisis” suffered by the Canary Islands.

Yesterday morning, they were crammed into the port of Arguineguínmore than a thousand immigrants, after the constant arrival of pateras. Tired of waiting for answers and solutions, the Mogán City Council transferred two hundred of them to The Gran Canarian palms and he released them in the vicinity of the Government Delegation and the Consulate of Morocco.

Grande-Marlaska, in the control session to the Government, has promised the popular deputy that she will initiate an investigation to clarify what happened and that this Friday she will travel to Morocco to “increase” the fight against the mafias that take advantage of the disadvantaged situation of many people to take them to countries of the European Union illegally and leave them there to their fate.

With government policy, which according to the PP generates a “call effect”There are now a thousand immigrants in the port of Arguineguín and two hundred who roam the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. “Without PCR», Has denounced Vázquez, who has criticized that this is possible in full health emergency due to coronavirus pandemic. “Are you going to resign to solve this crisis?” He asked the minister, who replied: “No, I am not going to resign.”

Marlaska is justified

The Minister of the Interior has vindicated the migration policy of the coalition government, in the face of the “seven years” of abandonment that, according to him, marked the stage of Mariano Rajoy in the Executive. “In 2019 the immigration entry was reduced by fifty percent,” stressed Grande-Marlaska, who has justified the current “Migratory pressure” as a direct consequence of the pandemic.

The minister has promised “more information exchange with Morocco” and has asserted that only the data of immigrants arriving on Spanish shores transcends, but not of those that the Government avoids thanks to its collaboration with different North African countries.

“He lies more than Ábalos, and look at it was difficult to overcome it,” Vázquez reproached him, who assured that the Canary Islands were immersed in “the worst migratory wave” and that it had been forced to use its hotels once destined for tourism as improvised centers host. «He charters eight planes to deliver them around Spain instead of chartering them to return them to their places of origin. You are a bargain for the mafias. They are about to overtake Zapatero (…) Neither goodness nor racism. Go away, Minister, “he concluded.

Oramas, forceful

Grande-Marlaska has asked him to be “less electoralist” and more “state party” and has said that today more overcrowded immigrants will be transferred. But the truth is that his performance – or the absence of it – has not only raised doubts in the PP. Also the deputy of Canary Coalition, Ana Oramas, has made a very harsh intervention in his question to Nadia Calvin raising applause in the benches of the PP and Vox.

«Are we Spain and Europe? Or does the Canary Islands have to have a pro-independence party or resuscitate the MPAIAC (Movement for Self-Determination and Independence of the Canary Archipelago) so that this Government will pay attention to it? ”, Claimed Oramas, who in addition to the resignation of Grande-Marlaska – requested by Podemos Canarias- has also demanded that of the Minister of Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escrivá -claimed by the Canarian PSOE-.

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