The PP asks the Government about the “dismantling” of the UIMP with Morán and its decision to cancel a course because there was only one teacher




The unilateral decision of the rector of the Menéndez Pelayo International University, Maria Luz Morán Calvo-Sotelo, of canceling a medical seminar scheduled this summer in Santander days before its start and using as the only argument that there was only one professor among the international scientists invited to teach the classes, has filled the patience of the PP, who has presented at the Congress of the Deputies a battery of questions to the Government of Pedro Sánchez to inquire about this and other points related to the «very poor management»That the sociologist and political scientist has been doing since she was appointed to the position, in December 2018 at the proposal of the then minister of the field, Pedro Duque, thus becoming the first woman to lead the UIMP.

Moreover, the Popular Group in the Lower House has advanced to this newspaper that has requested the appearance of the current holder of the portfolio, Manuel Castells, in the Commission of Universities before the «Very serious deterioration»Of the academic institution under the mandate of Morán, which holds the dubious record of accumulating about a dozen resignations in two and a half years within the rectorial team, to which is added a long trail of marches among the staff of the Menéndez Pelayo. Five gone general secretaries, at least three vice-rectors and the manager, just before starting the summer program in the Cantabrian capital.

Faced with the «evident paralysis» of activities, the «numerous complaints»On problems in the design and execution of summer courses or« personnel conflicts », the PP considers« urgent and essential »that the Ministry give an account of the situation of this University and the forecasts of its department to« stop the dismantling »that is undergoing with the current rector -daughter of Fernando Morán, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs with the Executive of Felipe Gonzalez– and recover the prestige and international projection that the educational institution has forged in its almost nine decades of history.

In addition, the main opposition party to the PSOE-Unidas Podemos has registered a battery of questions to the Government in Congress, signed by the deputy spokesperson of the Popular Group, Sandra Moneo; that of Universities, Maria Jesus Moro; and the deputy of the PP for Cantabria, Elena Castillo placeholder image, related to the economic and academic management of the UIMP in general. And, particularly, with the suspension of the XIX International School of Pharmacology, organized by the Teófilo Hernando Foundation, and which this year was going to address the ‘Advanced therapies to treat neurological diseases‘from July 26 to 30. But days before, Morán addressed the director of the entity, Antonio Garcia, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, requesting more women in the classroom, thus following the guidelines of the Government of Spain.

Faced with the impossibility of undertaking such a drastic change in such a short time, the rector of the UIMP cut a clean sheet and suspended the course. The PP wants to know if the Ministry knew about the decision and its cause and if it supports it. But also, in what powers can a rector of a public university justify something like this – the UIMP is the only one, in addition to the UNED, that depends directly on the Ministry – and if in this case the number of female professors was an essential requirement for approval and holding the seminar.

In addition, the popular ones are interested in the drastic reduction of the summer courses of the Menéndez Pelayo in Santander compared to the effort of the other public universities to maintain presence in the classrooms despite the pandemic, and in the resignations in the management team, as the vice-rector for Diffusion and Scientific Exchange, Mar Garcia Hernandez, who, like the manager, left days before starting the summer activity in Santander. “Is the Ministry of Universities aware of the deterioration in the academic programming and in the image and prestige of the UIMP since the current rector was incorporated?”, Asks the PP in summary.

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