The PP calls on the PSOE to start “talks” to form a coalition government in Orense




The local PP of Orense transfers to the PSOE its «disposition, which has the approval and approval of the regional and provincial directorates, to hold a meeting next Friday, the 30th of this month, in a suitable place, to start some conversations loyalists who can conquer the formation of a coalition government»In the city of As Burgas.

It is the location, signed by Jesús Vázquez Abad, local president of the PP of Orense, to the president of the manager of the Local Association of the PSdeG, Adolfo Pérez Abellás, through a letter with a copy to the Secretary General of the Galician Socialists, Gonzalo Caballero. Previously, last Friday, the number two of the PPdeG, Miguel Tellado, called on him to pronounce himself and say if he gives the green light to join forces in the council.

In the letter, the popular ones insist that forming a coalition government is «Prerequisite and indispensable» to provide «stability» to the third city of Galicia. Of course, part of a well-known premise, which acts as a sine qua non clause: that Rafael Villarino, current spokesman for the PSOE in the council, and aspiring mayor if Gonzalo Pérez Jácome leaves, stand aside.

Jesús Vázquez Abad recalls this condition, who reiterates that he must be a “Real and serious withdrawal from municipal political life” by Villarino, “which would go through the resignation of his act as councilor”, which opens the door to sit down and negotiate. It was Villarino himself who activated the current chain of events last Monday, when he proclaimed that he was withdrawing to unblock the situation in the council. The PP replied that moving away cannot consist of staying moving strings in the background, but Villarino did not show himself for the work of translating his words into concrete deeds; see give up your minutes.

“It is evident that the political situation in our council can be improved. In our hands, but also in your hands, it is possible to find a solution“Vázquez Abad appeals in the text that was also sent to Caballero. “We hope that the effort of generosity that the Popular Party is making and that we will also show in the meetings that we may hold in the future, is also shared by the PSdeG-PSOE,” he demands.

The ball is definitely on Caballero’s roof, after Villarino’s attempt to try to transfer the pressure of a motion of censure against Jácome to the PP.

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