The PP demands an immediate stop to the transfer of ETA member Kantauri to Logroño prison




The Popular Party (PP) has demanded the immediate suspension of the transfer to the prison of Logroño of the prisoner of AND José Javier Arizkuren Ruiz. The former leader of the terrorist gang, known as Kantauri, he is responsible for twenty murders perpetrated by this criminal organization. But he was also one of its leaders during the kidnapping of Jose Antonio Ortega Lara, who was a prison officer precisely in the jail where now the government intends to locate the ETA.

The popular will register this afternoon a non-legislative proposal to which ABC has had access – a non-binding initiative, but which urges the Government to act – in the Congressional Interior Commission, where he wants to gather enough support to demand that the Executive stop “another step of indignity” in its policy of approaching ETA prisoners to prisons near the Basque Country.

On November 26, the Government agreed to another eight approaches to ETA prisoners, half of them with blood crimes. With these, 115 ETA members will be transferred to the vicinity of the Basque Country during the mandate of Pedro Sanchez. A provision that has accelerated in recent months, as denounced yesterday by the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, since the Executive showed his cards and began to negotiate with eh Bildu – coalition heir to the outlawed Batasuna, ETA’s political arm – its support for the General State Budget (PGE).

Between the first meeting of Pablo Iglesias With the deputies of Bildu and the yes of the “abertzales” to the accounts in Congress, confirmed yesterday in each vote, two and a half months have passed in which they have approached the Basque Country to a total of 52 ETA prisoners.

In 1996, Kantauri ordered the kidnapping of prison officials to use as bargaining chips. The terrorist gang kidnapped Ortega Lara on January 17, 1996 and kept him deprived of liberty for 532 days, until the Civil Guard released him in Mondragón on July 1, 1997. At that time, ETA detained the prison official of the Logroño penitentiary while demanding the approach to the Basque Country of ETA prisoners dispersed throughout Spain. The officials of said center carried out each Wednesday lockdowns and concentrations in the prison to face the threats of ETA and demand the freedom of their companion, details the PP, which highlights how the Logroño society mobilized to demand the 17th of each month his release.

Now, Kantauri will be transferred to the Logroño prison, where there will be fifteen ETA prisoners together. A figure that may be higher than the number of officials in certain shifts, as they have denounced themselves. “22 years ago, the National Court declared it proven that ETA ordered the kidnapping of prison official Ortega Lara in order to” pressure the Government to force the transfer of ETA prisoners “to Euskadi,” says the PP, who denounces how now one of Those responsible for those practices will benefit from the policy demanded by the terrorists.

«The reaction of the terrorist gang a week after the release of Ortega Lara, on July 10, 1997 – the popular ones continue in their initiative – was the kidnapping and murder of our party colleague, the councilor of Ermua Michelangelo White». A kidnapping and murder allegedly ordered by Kantauri.

Unrest in the unions

The PP reproduces reactions from unions of prison officials, who call it “unprecedented moral turpitude” to bring to the center of Logroño “one of the most responsible for the illegal ETA commandos at the time Ortega Lara was kidnapped”, an official from that jail.

“It is a mockery both for the workers of the center and for Logroño and our autonomous community, which suffered directly and with great intensity the” blows “of the terrorist barbarism of the criminal gang ETA,” the union representatives insist, in a few words that the PP endorses.

The popular ones also give an account of Kantauri’s “terrorist curriculum” in their non-legislative proposal. From his participation in the unsuccessful attack against the replacement of the National Police that provided service in the electric station near the Pamplona Swimming Club in 1982, to the prosecution ordered in 2016 by the judge Eloy Velasco for ordering Kantauri the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco in 1997.

The terrorist is also behind the assassination attempt of the King Juan Carlos in Mallorca, in 1995. «Despite such a bloody record, and when he still has four years left to serve three-quarters of his thirty-year sentence, imposed for the crimes of murders, attacks, kidnapping, weapons storage, detention illegal and falsification, the Ministry of the Interior took another step of indignity last Thursday in its policy of approaching ETA prisoners, “denounces the PP.

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