The PP denounces “the collapse” of Primary Care in Alicante and demands the readmission of the 3,300 dismissed




The autonomous deputy of the PP for Alicante and spokesman for Health in Les Corts, Jose Juan Zaplana, has denounced that the situation in Primary Care in the province of Alicante is “dramatic” and has asked the Consell to create a General Directorate of Primary Care with budget and own equipment.

“We see with disbelief how the current situation is being neglected, where in health centers the telephone is not answered or appointments cannot be made due to the care pressure that health workers have after layoffs of 3,300 health workers and the lack of personnel for substitutions “, lamented Zaplana.

The Health spokesman has remarked that to this is added that there are health derivatives attending tests Covid and giving vaccines, so that the Primary Care services “They are collapsed”. The situation, he warned, “is getting more and more complex, since seeing that they are not treated in health centers they are going to the emergency room in hospitals,” said Zaplana, who added that “we are seeing it clearly in the province of Alicante and the same Medical Union has denounced it ».

«The PP has been denouncing this situation in the Valencian Community for years and we have already proposed both in the 2020 General Policy debate and in the Consell budgets the creation of a General Directorate of Primary Care endowed with a own budget of 600 million Euros for these services, a proposal rejected by Ximo Puig and his government that was replaced by the Commissioner of Primary Care, a figure without equipment and without a budget and without the capacity for action that is not having results ”, he indicated.

«We have already done it and we do it again in the light of the situation of Primary Care in Alicante. We ask the Ministry of Health to hire and re-recruit the 3,300 dismissed health workers and reinforcements in the clinics and health centers in the afternoon to minimize the impact of the fifth hello of the pandemic, “he claimed.

In addition, Zaplana stressed that there are mayors of the PP who have made “an orderly request to reopen the clinics closed during this summer due to the pandemic and to reinforce the workforce.” “Not only does the PP of the Province of Alicante say it, it is being denounced by professional associations such as scientific societies, medical unions and the citizens themselves,” he added.

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