The PP denounces the director of the Civil Guard and the number two of Marlaska for the dismissal of Pérez de los Cobos




The Popular Party has filed a complaint in the courts of Madrid for an alleged crime of prevarication against the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, and the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, in relation to
to the “manifestly illegal” termination
of Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos annulled by the National High Court.

The complaint, to which ABC had access, is based on the account of proven facts of that Litigation ruling that forced the Interior to reinstate the colonel in his post. It argues that it has been proven “without any doubt” that Pérez, at the proposal of Gámez, dismissed Pérez de los Cobos “in a completely irregular manner, contrary to the Law and totally and absolutely disregarding the legally established procedure ”.

Along the same lines, it emphasizes that it is considered proven that this dismissal was the consequence of the colonel’s refusal to inform his superiors of the work of the civil guards under his command in a case opened in Madrid, despite the fact that he had a duty of reserve general, since it is a judicial procedure in progress and that the judge in charge of the case had given an express order of discretion.

“Especially serious events”

For the popular, it is “especially serious” that “those responsible for the Ministry of the Interior were aware” of those duties of Pérez de los Cobos and even so, they demanded an “illegality” that could have led him to commit a crime.

«All this is evidently known by the people involved, Mrs. María Gámez Gámez, General Director of the Civil Guard, who proposed the dismissal, and by Mr. Rafael Pérez Ruiz, Secretary of State for Security, who issued the resolution in a manifestly arbitrary, illegal and unfair way, masking it under the appearance of a mere discretionary act, which, because it was unequivocally illegal, would have been of impossible legal content, thereby seeking to circumvent any technical or legal control over it, ”the complaint states.

In the opinion of the PP, these facts that the Deanery of the Courts of Madrid are aware of, “could be constitutive of a crime of prevarication” and recalls that the administrative means by which Pérez de los Cobos has been right in his stop, it’s enough «To initiate criminal action against the authorities who participated in the consummation of the annulled administrative act».

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