The PP denounces the “lack of control” of unpaid bills in Azuqueca de Henares




In eight months, eight extrajudicial credit examinations in the Azuqueca de Henares City Council to deal with hundreds of bills that they have unpaid, most from previous years and others that had concerns about Intervention or were approved by omitting the audit process. «This is how the Government of José Luis Blanco manages the money of all Azudenses. A real lack of control, which is going to bankrupt the city council ».

It is the public complaint of the Municipal Popular Group, after the approval in the Governing Board of a new extrajudicial recognition of credit for the amount of 254,501.32 euros, to be able to pay pending invoices to suppliers, some of the years 2018 and 2019, to lawyers, health, cultural activities or social services.

As reported in a press release, the councilors of the PP do not say that it is not necessary to pay for these services provided to the City Council, what they denounce is “the disruption in payments to suppliers, to the point that each month they approve an extrajudicial operation to pay overdue bills”.

In this sense, they point out that at the end of July, the Government of José Luis Blanco Another extrajudicial credit recognition was approved at the Governing Board (the seventh so far this year), for an amount of 484,116.18 euros. The data is reflected in a record with more than 100 pages dedicated to listing unpaid invoices. A month before, on June 22, also in the Governing Board, another extrajudicial credit recognition (number 6) was approved, for a total of 537,667.25 euros.

The criticism and complaint of the Popular Group has to do with the delay in payments, with which “the socialist government has made what should be an exceptional formula” common: the extrajudicial recognition of credit. They think in the PP that this is not the best way to manage public resources and, in addition, they consider that late payments can put into difficulties providers whose economic situation is complicated, who provide a service that charge for months, and even years later.

From the PP they point out that among the bills that are paid “late and badly”, there are payroll to monitors hired for activities or workshops, electricity and gas bills for schools and municipal buildings, telephone, rentals of a warehouse for which the City Council monthly pay more than 5,000 euros; an invoice of 10,285 euros for the year 2020, on an urban study by El Foro; cleaning jobs in public spaces, grocery shopping, sanitary products …, “hundreds of bills that the City Council has not paid in due time.”

The councilors of the Popular Group recall that the extrajudicial recognition of credits “is configured as an exception to the principle of budgetary annuality, or temporality.” Along these lines, an audit report from the Court of Accounts of 2018 on files of extrajudicial credit recognition approved by local entities that year, includes among its conclusions that «extrajudicial credit recognition (REC) is usually used to apply to the budget obligations derived from commitments of expenses of previous years that have not been duly acquired, thus processing the payment of benefits to third parties who have made them by order of the Administration, but outside, for different reasons, the legally established procedure “.

Likewise, this Court insists that “local entities should establish the necessary procedures to enforce the requirement of possible responsibilities derived from non-compliance with the Transparency Law, the Contract Law or the applicable budgetary regulations, which are fundamentally specified in the commitment of obligations acquired without contractual coverage or without budgetary allocation ”.

With all this, from the PP they emphasize that “it is not that it is illegal, but the extrajudicial recognition of credit should be an exception, although in the Azuqueca City Council it has become the rule to pay back bills.”

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