The PP deputations, critical of Casado for his delay in having the towns




Unresolved political tension in Castilla y León. The first of the innumerable meetings that are planned to be held to unblock (or resume or change or promote, depending on who is speaking out) the health reform in Castilla y León had balsamic moments and symptoms that could suggest that an agreement that almost satisfies every Castilian and Leonese is not a chimera. But in the appointment with the presidents of the deputations there was no lack of reproaches of the representatives of the peoples, the main protagonists of a reorganization that is not clear at what point it is. The ‘seven’ of the PP -Avila, Burgos, Palencia Salamanca, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid- thus joined the larvae combat started -at least publicly- a week ago now between the popular and the ‘orange’ part of the limping coalition government and of which logically they gave like winner to the president of the Meeting. Yes to not closing the clinics and to greater face-to-face care -for which they directly blamed Alfonso Fernández Mañueco-, but also censorship -with greater or lesser viciousness- of what has been done so far. The general reproach was that the meeting was “late” and that so far neither the councils nor the municipalities themselves had been counted.

The president of the Palencia Provincial Council and also of the Regional Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Angeles Armisén, requested from a less warlike vision, concrete and immediate measures and that “Have an impact on the best care of neighbors”, which also go through appointments without digital applications so that the elderly hear a voice on the other end of the phone. From Soria, Benito serrano has warned that any reform proposed by the Board must be accompanied by consensus of the councils and town halls. More forceful and explicit, Conrado Íscar (Valladolid) when affirming that the Manueco’s criterion will end up imposing in the model that comes out. «The meeting has been of little use and is late. The improvements in the health of the Community cannot be unilateral occurrences ”, he has sentenced.

Logical “rectification”

From Ávila, Carlos Garcia has warned that «if we want a vertebrate Community we have to provide quality basic services to those who live in any corner », something that the Provincial Council “neither wants nor can nor will it renounce.” The Burgos Cesar Rico, after applauding that the Ministry is going to send them information, has highlighted that “No president of the Provincial Council knew her in their respective provinces”, while saying that the document is “late.” In any case, “the fine print will have to be seen.”

Javier Iglesias (Salamanca) has also reproached the date of the meeting: «It was not done when it was due. Before launching any message, they should have counted on the territory, ”Iglesias stressed, who ended his appearance by assessing the ‘swerve’ of the Citizens’ positions, of which Íscar has also spoken: «It has rectified how it could not be otherwise and has assumed the order of the president.

The Minister of Health He has appeared hours after the meeting to reel off the progress of the “constructive” meeting, ready to demonstrate the work of his team. The workhorse was in the word, in the explanation, in the politics. And Casado knew it. Therefore, you have chosen try to tie it up with a plan: the verb «restructure» it had become taboo. They replaced “reorder and reinforce” as terms determined to turn attention to the proposals, the data and their calls to “all to one” and not so much to the political storm that is still raging. “We have a problem, and doing nothing is no longer an option”, has insisted, in a search for the “complicity” of the councils, to which he has asked for help to land a new health order.

“With all the work that remains pending, I think that the Castilian and Leonese would not understand that he resigned now”, has clarified Verónica Casado. “I will not do it, because on a ship with problems, the rats that come out first are,” the headline completed, who has insisted, like Francisco Igea – who followed the appearance a few meters away – in previous days on the nuance of the controversial NLP of the PSCL, surprisingly supported by the PP and that he asked to withdraw the health “restructuring” plan. Casado has stated that “there has never been such a plan” because the one that was already “redistributes”, but does not change the structure. He did not stop to criticize – “the important thing is that we all have the same goals” – but confirmed that has not felt unauthorized and has not assumed guilt: “I have not been wrong,” he assured. He has indicated that he has the endorsement of the Chairman of the Board when he recalls the four popular people present in the joint working group that has been underway for months.

“It hurts me that people talk that our Primary Care is bad because it is false”, has valued the counselor to begin with. He has put out his chest. ANDn Castilla y León there is one doctor for every 900 inhabitants, when the national average is one physician for every 1,315 people. Along with the data, however, it brought the recognition of the weight of the accumulated problems: geographic dispersion, population loss or aging “overload” professionals and make many users feel “abandoned”, he empathized. The biggest problem? The lack of doctors, which will become even more evident with the retirement of more than 60% of the workforce in five years, he said. A problem that does not cause wages, he said, but a chronic lack of professionals, as well as the effect of sick leave or vacations.

1,500 professionals

Thus, the entire strategy of the Ministry is based on a document prepared by 18 experts and approved by the Cortes last December. Its 122 proposals are the backbone of the “reinforcements” that were debated yesterday and Verónica Casado has defended, with objectives such as ensuring that each person has access to a daily consultation. It was impossible to ignore two points as sensitive as hiring and what will happen to the clinics, so the incumbent announced that 1,500 professionals will be hired before the end of the legislature. Among them there will be some doctors, but also and above all administrative and nursing personnel, or emergency technicians. “The current health management is from the eighties and has nothing to do with the current population”, the counselor remarked. Therefore, the proposal involves a new health map, a new distribution of tasks between professionals or the reinforcement of continuous care, thanks to 70 new vehicles distributed throughout the Community (including a night-flying helicopter). A transport system will also be reviewed at the request of the patient.

Too card quotas per doctor would be modified to prevent some from accumulating too many and a few other patients. But no matter how much there is a higher percentage of doctors in the rural world “in no way does it mean that we are going to move them to the urban world,” said Casado. «This plan does not close clinics, but it does make Primary Care much more decisive and emergency services with networking and new technologies, “he asserted, continuing to advocate for prior appointment, which is intended to facilitate an improvement in telephone service” by people “and with voice mailboxes. What’s more, the systematization of tests would be promoted with the ‘digital briefcase‘, and registries, enhanced with the computerization of doctors (who could bring their own Internet connection points to areas with low coverage).

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