The PP presents an appeal in the National Court against the “ministry of truth”




The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egea, announced today that his party has filed a contentious-administrative appeal in the National Court against the order for the creation of the “ministry of truth.” The objective is for the National Court to study and assess, and where appropriate dismantle that “ministry of truth,” as explained in the Sixth.

In parallel to that appeal that the PP presented last Thursday, the PP networks team has launched the Bell «#MinisterioDeLaVerdad» in which the main positions of the party from the different territorial structures will participate.

In this campaign, party members will be seen with the covered mouth and a “censored content” tape as well as a simulation of censored news from various media outlets.

With this campaign, the PP wants to denounce “the attack by the Sánchez-Iglesias government on freedom of information, as the journalists’ and media associations themselves have denounced,” popular sources have pointed out.

“The Government will face the PP in defense of freedom of information,” they warn in Genoa.

This has been announced by the Vice Secretary of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, on social networks:

Also in the Sixth, the general secretary of the PP has criticized that Sánchez has decided to “take command” to raise taxes in all communities autonomous, and yet it has washed its hands in the fight against the pandemic and has left control to the regions. “The communities have been alone in the face of the virus and Sánchez has not shown his face.”

García Egea has defended the construction of the pandemic hospital in the Community of Madrid, which has been attacked by the left and the extreme left. “You have to choose whether the money is spent on raising senior salaries by 40 percent or building a hospital.”

García Egea has also criticized that the PSOE has vetoed the debate on the amendments of the State’s general budgets in Congress. Thus, the vast majority of the amendments presented by the Popular Group could not be debated.

The number two of the PP has criticized Vox, because, in his opinion, he is playing an irrelevant role in Parliament and has not even participated in the debate on the Budgets. However, he stressed that Ciudadanos is a serious and reliable partner of the PP.

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