The PP returns to fill the bullring of Valencia

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The Popular Party has returned this Sunday, October 3, to one of its great electoral icons, related to its greatest victories at the polls: the Valencia bullring. The square has been filled and hundreds of people have been left outside, in compliance with anti-Covid security regulations. Married, received in the street to the shout of “president, president”, has thanked all those who have come to the square from all corners of the country to say that Spain needs an urgent change. According to the organization, some 9,000 people have entered the square and another 3,000 have had to stay outside.

The Valencia bullring was an icon of the PP in municipal, regional and general elections, but it was no longer used as a meeting place in the 2015 general elections, with the party already quite demobilized and in electoral decline. The last rally with a full crowd was in the municipal and regional elections in May 2015.

Today’s crowding would have been impossible just a couple of years ago, but the party has resurfaced after the May 4 elections in Madrid and the vote of no confidence won in Murcia. “The party is more alive than ever”; Party leaders stand out.

Married has come walking from the City Hall of Valencia. Along the way, he has received applause and shouts of “President, President.” Before entering the square, he has addressed all those who have not been able to enter.

“We are the best party in Spain that is going to transform the future of all Spaniards,” exclaimed Casado, who came with a suit and tie, a presidential and institutional image that he wanted to convey on a day like today.

“The PP returns to fill the bullring in Valencia, thanks to all the militants who have come to say that Spain needs a change,” he stressed.

Upon entering the square, Casado has gone around the ring (through the alley) to greet an audience totally overturned. Behind him, the architect of this act that represents an injection of morale for the PP, the Secretary General, Teodoro García Egea.

In the stands, flags of the PP and also of Spain, and banners supporting Casado, and also Carlos Mazón, president of the PP of the Valencian Community. “Madrid with its president”, can be read on several banners, “Homeland and life” “Freedom!”, “Married to La Moncloa”, “Madrid with Married”, “Valencia with Married” are some of the banners hanging on the stretched out, along with many others with the motto of the national convention, “We believe.”

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