The PP vindicates the legacy of Rita Barberá in the Plaza de Toros that anticipated her great victories in Valencia




The PP has hung the complete poster this Sunday in the Valencia Bullring as “an answer to all those who thought we had neither strength nor illusion” and in front of around 9,500 people. An act with which the popular in full have closed their National Convention and in which the party leader, Pablo Casado, has called to continue “Offering new glories” to Spain – referring to the Anthem of the Valencian Community – and has claimed the “legacy” of “greatness” of the former mayor of the capital of Turia, Rita Barbera.

The “preamble to another great victory,” according to Casado, with which the Popular Party has returned, six years later, to the scene in which the former presidents of the Government, Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar; Barberá herself and the former presidents of the Generalitat, Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps – present at the event – starred mass baths before their great victories.

During his speech, Casado winked at the origin of his wife, Isabel Torres, from Elche, present in the arena, and took the opportunity to guarantee that the Popular Party will “recover” the mayor’s office of Elche and the “growth” of the region. In addition, it has summoned «defeat that ridiculous nationalism which intends to demote you to an appendix of some supposed ‘Països Catalans’ ”, because“ for history, for language and for culture, Valencian ”.

For his part, the regional president of the training, Carlos Mazón, who has defined the mass event as a “springboard” towards an “irreversible change”, has vindicated the need to change the model to have fair regional financing. “We do not want winners but we are going to stop being the losers,” he stressed, while reiterating that, if he governs, he will lower all taxes.

The leader of the popular Valencian has charged harshly against the tripartite headed by Ximo Puig, alluding to the condemnation of an educator, ex-husband of Vice President Mónica Oltra: «They are responsible for abusing a minor, for accusing, for handcuffing, for covering him up , for not investigating it and for not having nor the shame of having asked for forgiveness».

The general secretary of the PPCV and spokesperson both in the Cortes and in the Valencia City Council, María José Catalá, has been convinced that the capital of Turia “will once again have a mayor of the Popular Party” in 2023 and has also recalled Rita Barberá, before the applause from the standing attendees, on the thirtieth anniversary of the arrival to power of the former former mayor, which “made Valencia the best city in the world.” A city that “has always been, has dreamed and believed” in the popular, has had an impact.

“You do not know how far we are going to take you” if Mazón becomes president of the Generalitat, Catalá pointed out, while addressing Casado to guarantee that “we will take you out of this square and take you to Moncloa.” “Today the countdown begins,” he assured. “It is good enough to support these leftist governments.” “Not one more lesson in Valencianness from those who want to give us up against Catalan nationalism,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, the president of the PP in the province of Valencia, Vicente Mompó, has called to “return this land and this great country” to the “place they deserve in history.”

“It is good that we have to put up with a president -Ximo Puig- who only works for his brother” -a court investigates the award of subsidies to producers linked to the family member of the head of the Consell-, while “drowning” the businessmen and “behind, help all the ‘moniatos’ that are sucking from the boat», Mompó has asserted.

Before starting the act, Pablo Casado, flanked by Catalá, Mazón, Mompó, and the party’s general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, made an improvised intervention at the gates of the bullring in front of the hundreds of people who have not been able to access the site due to capacity limitations.

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