The PP warns the Government that it will not agree to the reform of the CGPJ if it pardons the “procés” prisoners




The vice-secretary of communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, has affirmed that it is “a scandal that the Government of Spain is considering pardons to the prisoners of the procés”, a fact that would “hinder” the conversations with the Executive in the renewal of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ).

This has been stated by Montesinos, who has affirmed that this fact cannot occur and if it does, the popular will resort to it. “Sánchez does it because it is one of the conditions that his partners, those with whom he has freely decided to join, have proposed to him,” he said. “The Government should not have considered the possibility of pardoning those who attempted a blow to legality. It’s a barbarity”, has sentenced the deputy secretary in an interview on Spanish Television.

In recent weeks, the PP has reiterated that the three conditions for the renewal of the CGPJ are: withdrawing the project presented by the Government “that goes against judicial independence and the separation of powers”, that Podemos is not in the “equation” and that the Executive accept the opposition’s claim of depoliticization, “thus advancing towards judicial independence.”

The party that Casado leads does not move from these conditions, and also would not admit that there were pardons for the convicted separatists. “It is not (a condition) new nor does it cease to be: the PP has already shown itself against this possibility,” explained Montesinos.

For the popular deputy it is the Prime Minister who wants this situation to be blocked. “The ball is in the PSOE’s court, the PP has always made it clear that it is in favor of dialogue” and that they have a “clear will” in agreement with the Government to renew the CGPJ, as long as “the established conditions are met ».

Tax situation of Don Juan Carlos

Regarding the statements of Podemos on the fiscal regularization of the King Don Juan Carlos, where Echenique affirmed that the statement presented to the Tax Agency was a “confession” that Don Juan Carlos had defrauded the Treasury, Montesinos has assured that he will not enter the “game” of Pablo Iglesias’ party, “whose sole objective it is to erode the institutions of the State.

“There is democracy because there was a Transition and it was thanks to people like Juan Carlos I,” defended the popular deputy in the interview. “From the PP we claim the person of King Don Juan Carl0s, we respect the presumption of innocence and I know if legal proceedings are opened we will also respect him.” “We are not going to do like others who, when they don’t like something, criticize it until they try to change it,” he said.

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